Random collection of trending search-engine-friendly phrases

Favorite service charges spam

I can give a little advice? Most readers of this page are free to readers and English (or at least an American version), so it is for you to determine the loss of business at least a summary of physical skill hiring language Google Translate?

Or, if you have an electronic transfer, the original text in the target language at least two or three instead of going through other languages.

Otherwise your message to a random number generator, and online dictionary noise illigitimate offspring.

I'm just saying ...

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Kiteman (author) 4 years ago
(I ought to point out, this actually made sense when wrote it, but I put it through different languages in Google Translate. It's fun, in a fill-an-idle-gap kind of way.)
foobear4 years ago
I miss the random button. This is almost as good
Huh? Where is this addressed to? That pic is so distracting, stares at me smiling. :)
teribithia4 years ago
I just see the photo.
Kiteman (author)  teribithia4 years ago
No block of almost-random text?
kelseymh4 years ago
I am soooooo tempted to flag this as spam :-)
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
Have you ever been on the forums around 08:00 GMT...?
Yes, right before I go to bed. And I usually spend a good ten minutes or so chewing through and flagging forum topics, and adding flagged notes to the bots' Orangeboards, so Staff can (hopefully!) lock the accounts the next morning.
Haha, I thought you went to bed with the chickens until I read that a second time...(every old person I know goes to bed by 8:00, no lie).
Hey I'm an oldie and Steve will confirm that blogs and question often find me typing at 1 am.
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