Random knex challenge 7- The mother of all modification contests. (Edit- Winner)

This is the first random knex contest posted under its new host, me.  I'm taking the operation over.  Sorry I couldn't post it yesterday, but my house got broken into and under that commotion, I forgot.

Anyways, the title is what it is.  You can modify ANY knex design on the internet posted (with one exception see below).  However, there are guidelines:

  • Must Improve on original design.  The improvements can be on performance, efficiency, parts conservation, whatever.  However, adding random useless crap on a design is NOT acceptable.
  • Must be original.  The design doesn't have to be yours but the MODS you make to it do.
  • The more improved the design is, the best chance you have of winning.
  • Don't limit yourself to just guns, you can mod ANY design.
The one design I will NOT allow in the contest is the TR since it is so open to mods and there is a variety of options for it.  So keep that in mind.


Accepted entries: 

  • Knex gun builder- Modded ZKAR bolt
  • RC-1207SEV- Modded freeslinger
  • Knexfreek- Freeslinger to tankbow transformation.
  • Tigernod- OSNJCKMA2 mods (Can't remember the abbreviation)
Edit- The winner is....Tigernod and his modded OSNJCKMA2.  Congrats!  Expect a patch soon Tigernod.

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DJ Radio (author) 7 years ago
The winner has been announced above!
knexguy7 years ago
I started building Kinetic's shanti bow, but realised the back looked horrible and gave it a completely new body (except the bow, pin rail and barrel setup).  I also changed the trigger, handle, and top rail, and removed the turrets to add a NAR mechanism to the front.  I also intend to beef up the bow arms. 

Is that a mod or a different weapon?
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy7 years ago
Post a picture.
Still a WIP, I don't really want to post anything yet.  I'm still working on a locking mechanism for the rods, I may ask Zak for his from his NAR mod.
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy7 years ago
Then why say anything?
Because I now have the pics for the NAR mod and will hopefully have finished it tonight.  I should have pictures up over the weekend.
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy7 years ago
I'm not gonna accept mods for the NAR because the NAR was originally a TR with a single shot barrel and a special chamber to keep the pin from breaking, thus, a mod of the TR.


I just put a NAR mechanism on the front of Kinetic's shanti bow...

DJ Radio (author)  knexguy7 years ago
Oh in that case I will take it.
I probably won't enter it, it turned out half as well as expected...
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