Rasp Pi 3

I am planning to buy raspberry pi 3 as summers are just around the corner. I don't have any previous experience with things like arduino or rasp pi but I am pretty much familiar with electronics.
So,I wanted to know what all things should I buy along with rap pi ?And how should I start when I get everything?


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antoniraj1 year ago

Please see my instructable "Raspberry Pi 3 : A Beginners' Guide" at the following link. I hope this will help you in selecting all things you should buy with Raspberry Pi 3


There are some great starter kits that come with the essentials (Amazon.com, adafruit.com, sparkfun.com) but essentially, Micro USB power cord, a 8GB+ microSD card, HDMI cable and USB mouse and keyboard (best buy has a Logitech pack for $12). You can connect the Pi to an existing monitor or T.V..

After I first purchased mine, I loaded up Rasberian (Linux OS for raspberry pi) and just played with it. If you have no understanding of Linux, this is a great learning platform. But most recently, I was in the market for a Roku, Chromecast, Etc. to run PLEX for my home media. But, there is even a PLEX Operating system called RASPLEX that turns you Pi into a thin client for PLEX!

There is so much you can do, just have Fun!

pranjal12 (author)  FaustWoodworks1 year ago

I will certainly get the mentioned items,and yeah it is really fun experimenting with the rasp pi.
Thanks Again!

stalker1451 year ago

It all depends on what you want to accomplish with the Pi. Once you've figured that out, you can make a better list.

My main recommendation is to get , obviously, a good quality microUSB 5V/1A power cord and a good microSD card. Some possible suggestions are to get a cheap HDMI-compatible monitor and a wireless keyboard. I have the Logitech K400 and love it.

Check out the many 'ibles that are here; I'm sure you'll come up with some summer fun.

pranjal12 (author)  stalker1451 year ago

Well I am not quite sure what I want to do with it.I am a college student and will be a sophomore in a few months.And yeah,sure I'll check them out.
Do tell me if there is anything else