Rate a Custom TR! (update)

Since everyone likes the TR so much and people are making custom TR's, I decided to have a "Rate a TR" thread.  Other sites have similar threads, like SSCoasters.

The basis is that you post a picture of your TR, and the next person to reply has to rate your TR on a scale of 1-5.  Then he posts a picture of his custom TR, and the next person rates it and posts his TR, and so on.

The more modded a TR seems, the higher rated it should be.  To start the topic off, here is my custom TR.  It uses Zak's stock because I like it so much, and it features original custom ironsights, and a neat trigger guard that attaches to the foregrip.  I will probably post a video later.

*Edit* since there seems to be some debate on mods, I will clarify what I meant: By "mods", I meant mods that make the gun better or increase efficiency in some way or form.  So if you throw a bunch of random parts on your TR like a scope or a grenade launcher, it doesn't count towards my overall definition. 


Picture of Rate a Custom TR! (update)
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TheChemiker7 years ago
But yours is a BR 8.....
TR = Turret Rifle
Turret can be any size.
I see, I was still ignorant at that time.  I though a TR only had 18 barrels.
DJ Radio (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago

The best thing is, your avatar emphasises your point as well.
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy7 years ago
lol yeah.
ok, stop with that picture, and i thought it was a tr 18 contest, not just any turret rifle.
Same gun. Doesn't matter
bigdylan917 years ago
ill rate it 3.5/5 just because everyone uses that stock and its getting old, and below are pics of my custom tr18 and br8


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