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Constructive criticism please :P

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Outstanding, Outrageous talent, what a nice drawing! I must say you have very diligent hands, but as above say you can make it better. Weldon and good luck for future. My good wishes are totally with you. Keep it up.

Um, sounded good until you added that URL to it......
Posssnna5 years ago
Vace Cooper5 years ago
Constructive criticism.... It looks awesome, i think you could do more in the shoulder aria. it looks unfinished.
Starlett5 years ago
Stunning, wish I had your talent!
creaper35 years ago
it's nice, good painting.
iproberry16 years ago
thats amazing
Fazer MSN6 years ago
That's amazing! you're very good!

Fazer MSN
Very nice 10
batonas6 years ago
you should put it up on deviantart.com Your drawings look good.
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