Rate my drawing!

I would like some feedback on my work, please tell me what you think :) thank you!

Picture of Rate my drawing!
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brendonl6 years ago
Very beautiful and detailed , you could sure be a famous artist in the next few years :)
FoxyPenguin94 (author)  brendonl6 years ago
thank you so much :) I sure hope so ^__^
Brunofloke6 years ago
wow, beautiful picture.
I love the mystic aspect of it and I find myself wondering what the girl is thinking thumbs up.
Malhecho6 years ago
its great good job. im working on perecting my skills
Very nice, you have potential!
Beizugaz6 years ago
An excellent picture! If you like continue working, you would does not are bad work.
FoxyPenguin94 (author) 6 years ago
I used a regular graphite pencil. For the paper, I'm not so sure what you would call the type :o it was from a sketchbook I have. And yes I'm still practicing drawing hands, that's the part I would say I struggle with the most. I think I didn't spend enough time on the bird though, I'll have to fix that :P But thank you very much for the tips :)
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