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Never mind---just read this if you're bored or something......Canida explained it for me
What happened Instructables?! All of a sudden half of the instuctables on this site are boosted up a whole number! My best instructable used to be 4.08 which was very good but now all of a sudden its 5 exactly. I feel the new rating system is too easy and it is making it so every instructable has ratings which are way too high. I cant even sort by rating anymore because there's at least 1,000 instructables that are 5 stars and it doesnt show me the true best instructable of that category! Please fix!

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H1T4TCH17 years ago
I second.
Have you read this article? https://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-Membership-details-more-visible-ratings-calcu/

"Ratings are higher. Based on comparisons throughout the entire Internet (well, OK, only a small part of it, but we tried to take a diverse sample) we realized that Instructables' star values were lower by comparison than most other places, for content that's comparable or better. So we are bumping them up a star. Yeah it's ratings inflation, so sue us. Your Instructables are as good as anything else on the web, and often far better, and we want to make sure the world in general sees that. The actual update is going to happen in stages over the next few days as there are a lot of ratings to change and we want to avoid the possibility of a site slowdown from so much database work all at once. Anything you rate from now on, though, will show the new values immediately."
Yes i read that.
You did, but I'm willing to be the original poster (running a week or two behind the rest of us) didn't bother.
Electroinnovation (author)  H1T4TCH17 years ago
Hes talking about me and yes i read that but it is stupid and a pointless reason and I personally liked it a lot better where the best instructable on the site was only about 4.8 and everything went down from there. It makes it a lot more accurate as opposed to having so many 5* rated instructables. And im not just jelous because I now have a 5* instructable but it's not right.
It's like Instructables Robot subscribed to all the K'nex'ers and rated their ibles a 6.0 because it can. That's about accurate.
Electroinnovation (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
not just knex, all instructables. And it just boosted them all a point for a barely adequate reason.
I hear you. Here's something the update didn't mention:

We've experimented with lots of different rating algorithms, and quite frankly none of them have been very good. The most recent version kept everything hovering around a 3 for way too long, even if everyone gave it a 5 - not in line with what the raters intended. It has previously been impossible to reach 5, even if everyone rates it a 5 - and that's just not right. Our algorithm was just not very good.

The big reason we swapped the ratings to match with other sites: they'll be appearing in Google search. Most people who search have never been to Instructables before, and they're scrolling along a page with other sites that also have ratings. Knowing nothing else, would you click on something that had a 3.5 rating, or a 5 rating? We're changing things up to make sure your projects get the attention they deserve.
kelseymh canida7 years ago
This is great information, Canida! Would you be willing to add this (either in the topic itself, or as a sticky comment) to the main FAQ about the rating system? It'd be nice to get that updated with a description of the new algorithm, too :-)
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