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From the Knex section of the site, many members are dissapointed at the loss of the 'rating' filter. Instructable's rating system makes the very best stand out, due to not being based on percentage, and mow they are being shrouded in darkness. Could we please have the rating filter back?

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Seleziona7 years ago
Yes, we need it back... :(
So modifying (and bookmarking) the URL with "&sort=RATING" at the end wasn't good enough?
It's easier just to click the rating button. lol
Wah, wah.
Actually, I just tried it again, and it didn't work.
You're right. In fact, it's more than just "didn't work." The server is explicitly discarding the sort and returning the default (sort by featured) URL. This is a definite change from the previous behaviour, and it means that my own bookmark no longer works.
Whoa.... who REALLY didn't want the rating feature? It was good, people liked it and used it lots!
Wait - I'm somewhat confused. Isn't that exactly what "popular" is?
~Aeronous~ (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
Naw. Ratings are ratings. Popularity is the number of views. Something could put a billion tags in it, and not actually be any of those tags, get 5,000 views and be popular, OR it could have 3 tags, but be good and get a lot of 5* ratings, to get to 4*.
...are you sure popularity is view count? I could be way off base, but I totally thought it was a high rating. I don't think tags have anything to do with it though...
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