Hi, i'm new on here.. just wondered how the rating system works on this site? Thanks, Gemma

ll.1310 years ago
Well if a member plus' an Instructable the Instrutable is plus 1, and so on, however it does not show negative ratings, so an Instructable is either 0 or more. I believe it is just for a guide on popularity and how many people (members) like it (by plussing it) ;o)
gemma87 (author)  ll.1310 years ago
I see! So is there like a maximum number of plus' an instructable can have? Thanks for replying!
Kiteman gemma8710 years ago
No, no maximum. The Invisible Book Shelf is currently rated 471. Most "highly rated" 'ibles get at most a few tens of +s, most only a handful.