Ratings Attacked!

Yes before you ask I'm one of those annoying knexers that pretty much everyone hates including ourselves! The reason I say that is because there are some people who get jealous or just want to beat other people so they purposely rate our instructables low to knock us off the front page. This happened to me three times! I only have one left on the front page and I know I'm probably making a bigger deal of this than you guys care but I really wish there was a way to at least report if you think someone attacked it so that we can track those who do it to stop them.

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Plasmana9 years ago
Yeah, I have that same problem too, it gets really annoying. Somebody rated my shocker instructable as "Worthless"!
Katarukito9 years ago
i didn't do it i swear!
DJ Radio9 years ago
some dude rated my sniper with a half star. he posted a comment. you should investigate him...........
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
He commented...I doubt it's the same person. And no offense but the sniper wasn't anything too special. I know a few of my weapons arn't either but my TDS for sure is one of them that isn't.
i was thinking that he thought i wasnt paying attention to the problem you have. why is in not special? it features 2 carrying handles, 100+ foot range, a foldable bipod (which also serves as a carrying handle), and it doesnt tax your parts
See???? Proves the comment I posted before. Replying a mentioned opinion about it not being so good with a pro......
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
Overall I just ment he hadn't much reason to rate it low other than opinion. But yeah what I ment by nothing special as in nothing no one else could have thought up easily. The most impressive thing is the bi-pod. I'm not trying to put you down. It is only my opinion after all...I'm not accepted by anyone as a good critic afterall no one takes my word for anything.
Most people will rate an Instructable as half a star, or five stars. They're not going to think about it much.
ya, i have noticed that. most of the older membors here were here back when they have +1 and -1 (thats were those comments that say that in it come from just so you know) so naturally they rate it .5 or 5 but 5 is best ever and .5 is worst ever which really does not fit any instructables here except two(the worst one and best one).
yeah u r right about the bipod
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