Ravens are Smart

Check out this article for a really neat description of how and why ravens are smart. Basically, it's a great trait for a scavenger to evolve- they need intelligence and what amounts to a rather sneaky form of empathy to snitch lots of food from predators and hide it from their fellow ravens. Good stuff.

Ravens can toboggan, ride other animals and spy on their enemies. Their life as cadgers stealing prey from wolves, eagles and bears has made them outstandingly intelligent.

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Big Bwana9 years ago
I remember as kid growing up in the Yukon, the ravens would sit on the streetlights, light sensor long enough for it to turn on so they could warm up in the winter, and there was one raven that would hang around the bar and burp at people, the drunks would have all kinds of stories the next day, but I guess they are smarter then a parrot and mimicking sounds is one of there many talents, there was also one that your mimic the mines whilst blowing,. And then you get them working together where one raven distracts the dog and keeps it barking at the end of it's chain while the other ones eat all of the dogs food..... (( and it doesn't matter how smart you think your dog is the ravens will empty the bowl ))
rachel10 years ago
NEVERMORE (someone had to)
correction >>>quoth the raven "nevermore"
I was quoting Mortimer, not Poe.
carbon10 years ago
I remember seeing ravens that could calculate the number of hot dogs they could carry in one trip. Pretty neat seeing them carefully pick lay out three, one by one, gather them up, and take off. There were quite a few, so it was a pretty strange sight. :P