Ray Guns

I've got a couple of ray guns that I made from old candlesticks and such, I don't have process pics but was thinking I'd make an instructable for them (or at least one of them). Anybody else got any or made any, I would love to see them and I think others would too.

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citason8 years ago
i just made a very crude ray gun/ray c'bow
citason8 years ago
if you go to indymogul.com they has a cool ray gun DIY video
invert3609 years ago
i would like to see them
I like your ray guns, check out this guy, sells them for $500 a piecepp guns
sharkilepsy10 years ago
I have a couple that I've made over the past few years. One is made of found objects, and i have a few more that are cast iron, bronze, and fabricated steel. I'm glad other people make ray guns too. I'll try to get some decent pics and link to them.
aintMichael (author)  sharkilepsy10 years ago
I would love to see your's. I put up an instructable for one that I made. It's one of the funnest and most rewarding things that i make.