RazorCraft Minecraft Server

Me and a few friends got a minecraft professionally hosted by Fragnet and need more people to play on it.

My in game name is bhunabhuna. I have a nickname so just press tab to see who's on.

Picture of RazorCraft Minecraft Server
hey whitelist me im markguy238
Roger-X3 years ago
check out your server
WHITELIST ME markguy238
Kiteman3 years ago
I'll pass this on to #1 son.
cj12092 years ago
can i plz get ranked
didexo2 years ago
Can you whitelist me my user iis Bowrango17
l0bby didexo2 years ago
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You can get one too!

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arhivarius3 years ago
I with you do not agree.
You are not right a little.
cj814993 years ago
Can you whitelist me? It says I'm not whitlisted when I try to log on. My username is cj81499.
Millawi Legend (author)  cj814993 years ago
Oh were making a new map at the moment. It will be a Nordic server. It should be up when the latest bukkit recommended release comes out. Sorry.
ooh thats fine
cj814993 years ago
feolau3 years ago
How do you get to play this game? Do I need to go to another site or what?

builderkidj3 years ago
I'll check it out later...
It wont let me!
Roger-X3 years ago
cool server