ReCaptcha not working


Since yesterday I have been trying to reply to a comment on my instructable but each time I do the following happens:

I click reply
I write the post
I click post

Then receive the message to type in the two images in the ReCaptcha. I type in the two words and then I receive the message again to type in the two images in the Recaptcha. I have retried several times and the same thing keeps happening. I have cleared my cache in safari, cleared and removed all website data and restarted my laptop. This is extremely fraustrating.

I had no problems with it last week and have not made any changes to my laptop. I use an apple macbook and all of the software is up to date. Please see the screen grab attached.

Hope you can help.


Picture of ReCaptcha not working
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klayperson4 years ago
Using OS X 10.8.4. Still a bug on Chrome. Working on Safari.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
This should work now, we just released a small update for the site. Clear your browser cache and refresh the page, then try again.
THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR ME! Why must life be so cruel?
lacrochetdiva (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Much appreciated, the issue has been resolved and everything is working perfectly now :D x
trasancos4 years ago
I have this problem too, running ie9.
sid19785 years ago
I have similar problem I cant add comment on instructable post please help
lacrochetdiva (author) 5 years ago
Just to add, ReCaptcha allowed me to use it to publish this item but still not allowing me to reply to posts. If this post I am adding now allows me to post then it will be even more odd?
lacrochetdiva (author)  lacrochetdiva5 years ago
Very odd, I can easily post here but I tried again to reply to the comment on my Instructable but the same as above happens again :-/
lacrochetdiva (author)  lacrochetdiva5 years ago
Happy to report that the problem I experiencing is now fixed :)