Really easy multi use desktop machine

I need a multi purpose machine that can fit in a one cubic foot area. I need it to do most or all of the following; 1.) Have a "3rd and 4th hand" 2.) Fit in a 1'x1' space 3.) Light 4.) A controlable .1-24 volts DC output 5.) Small Storage 6.) Large magnifier on a flexible mount. 7.) Built in ruler 8.) Wire reel holder Im Sorry for being so picky, but I need to somehow cram all of that in to a small space. Pics or drawing would be nice. But comments and ideas would be better. P.S. Pic isn't related to machine

Picture of Really easy multi use desktop machine
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sugg229 years ago
i can do all of that for you except for the DC output
Belly-button integration? Or we could remove an eye...
ry25920 (author)  zachninme9 years ago
belly button integration?
will cost about 50 or 60 dollars to make, but it will pretty much power any project. Great voltage range and can supply the amps.
ry25920 (author)  sugg229 years ago
If you can show me how, I can add a DC power supply on the side.
ry25920 (author) 9 years ago
I can find a power supply, I just need to cram all this in to a small space