Reasons You Dont use KI?

I do not have anything against KI. In fact I prefer the way it is run, with stricter rules and a more constructive community. But, I prefer to use instructables as I find the interface much more user friendly, especially when posting things

Seeing as you are a part of this group, I would like to know why you don'y use KI, for me its the fact that the interface is not user friendly, you have to use photobucket and alot of the people there act like they know everything and you're stupid. *********IMPORTANT**************** I hold nothing against KI!!!!! This topic was not designed to flame or take the mick out of either site. this topis only purpose was to see why people did not use Knex Innovation, Because of the comments by Knex Innovation users that should not be here.

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nfk115 years ago
chevy626 years ago
i don't like how it takes for ever to find anything.
An Villain6 years ago
the members are way too snooty. and i do not like the user interface, too forum-like. knex are meant to be built with, not discussed.
NYPA6 years ago
KI is based on PURE preformance. No less.
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
Pah, they also want innovation and new stuff as well. I made some pure performance guns recently, and nobody seemed to like them as much.
at KI their is really good guns but only the regualars get respect and i went over their and they made an index of why they use KI and the all famous BB said i use this sight because crestind is the best web designer ever! KI just has good guns but the reason they suck is because they have no respect towards other people but them and their guns
Clean up your grammar and someone may be able to understand your argument. And this is a common problem in the modern society; people seem to think they deserve respect without earning it.
what the f**k did i spell wrong
"at KI their(there) is(are) really good guns but only the regualars(regulars) get respect and i went over their(there) and they made an index of why they use KI and the all famous BB said i use this sight(site) because crestind is the best web designer ever! KI just has good guns but the reason they suck is because they have no respect towards other people but them and their guns"

That's ignoring the complete lack of punctuation and capitalization.
take your little friends and go back to KI and seriously just go back to KI right now if you hate instructables, we never told you to come over you just came over and started argueing with each other and sometimes i wonder why i shouldn't even get an account there the only people that i think over there at KI are good is zak, thedunkis, and any other instructablers that thought KI might be cool
You asked what you spelled wrong and I told you.
i never asked what i spelled wrong but anyways i just don't want to argue and what i was thinking of was this we're all knexers so we should all at least respect one another and at least everyone share ideas so i'm sorry what i said before and again we should stop the flame wars and everything between us and KI and at least be friends with one another so do you forgive me?
what the f**k did i spell wrong

Dude, you're effing hilarious. Serious. I can't stop laughing!
can we all just shut up and be friends
um a guy who has an account on instructables
Hay. Didn't I just say I was mental? I WANT TO BE ACQUITTED FOR REASON OF INSANITY!
Then again, if I'm sane enough to realize that I'm mental, then I can't be mental, right? Yes, yes. I can't be mental. I can't. I CAN'T! HAHAHAHA
Fred the Penguin (author)  Whaleman6 years ago
no you are mental to a degree where you believe you are sane and know you are mental
You wanna see somthing mental? CLICK THIS LINK!www.youtube.com/watch
Fred the Penguin (author)  Randomguy656 years ago
truthfully lol.
Haha, of coarse if you think your mental and you're not, then that would make you mental. but then again, you just thought you were mental and you are, so that means you must not be mental, since you could realize you're mental. and so the paradox goes on...
ill keep that in mind........
Bah. Sorry. I can be a bit mental at times. Anywho, what I meant was, 'I was being sincere. You make me laugh and that cheers me up.'
eye allways uses currect grmmr & i nehvr msspll annytng EVR!

( splled wrng on purpse)

(Spelled wrong on purpose.)
Regualars Their (should have been there) Sight (should have been site) And what Carlisle said. There are about 50 grammar mistakes in there too.
Hahaha. You made me laugh. The bitz quote was fun, too. Don't really understand how one sarcastic comment has anything to do with your argument, but it was fun anyway. Also, 'grammar' means 'grammar'. Spelling is a subset of grammar.
I feel that way too, but it wasn't primary.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Oh look at this. A KI topic on ibles. Let the flame wars begin! Who will win? No one! It's the internet! Hurray! I didn't like it at first only because of what I thought of as rude members. Then I grew older...and understood. I like the forum set up better. It's a lot more organized in my opinion. The ibles style is easy to follow up to a certain point but overall, phpbb forums are just more efficient to me.
TheDunkis, there is no more PhpBB. It's replaced with VBulletin which sucks and looks ugly. Yet another reason why i don't want to (and can't) use KI.
I noticed and I can't blame you. I hate VBulletin. I wonder if he considered what they would lose along with what they would gain. I don't think it was worth it. Either way the majority of the regulars are going to tell you that there really isn't much of a KI website anymore. What KI is exists as a group of people who all chat together in the same place. That's the new KI. The website is simply something that's there and will be used to post instructions and that's about it.
rude people and users like baken bitz
Oh my god Baken Bitz can actually go and die. Actually that was a bit extreme but yeah I'm no fan. 
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
That's the understatement of the year right there folks.
 Be nice!
... This coming from the guy who wants to be a jerk to me and others every chance he gets. 
 Fight fire with fire.
Isn't that what he just did?
 Hey! We have a be nice policy!
Well Bakenbitz breaks that when he talks to me.
 Really? You don't say...
Case Closed.
 If I didn't want to be found, I would've uploaded the picture to Atlas' photobucket. 
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
Atlas is really bakenbitz with a new account.
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
smidge1476 years ago
It's good because it has strict rules so you don't get a bunch of noobs on there spamming like they do here.
I bet the noobs are pissed when they find out their gun was removed and their accounts deleted.
DJ, your conceptions of KI are horribly misinformed. The only time guns were removed were when a single shot block trigger was posted and when somebody plagiarized a bunch of guns off ibles. There's only 1 person banned on KI for misconduct (spamming).

Who was banned?

Do you really expect me to know how you guys moderate your site when I don't go to it anymore?
If you don't know how we moderate our site, then what authority do you have to judge it as being overly harsh?
Well, I guess I misworded my above comment. I actually had the wrong idea, then ooda showed me how little I know about the behind the scenes moderation.
No, but now that you know this I expect you to stop using KI's "strict" moderation style as an excuse to hate KI.
knexguy6 years ago
'the interface is not user friendly, you have to use photobucket and alot of the people there act like they know everything and your stupid.' The interface IS userfriendly, and they're clearly a lot more intelligent than you, as they don't post bitchy topics like this one on KI. They ask for good, valuable posts, correct grammar and spelling (I also laughed at the error Ooda pointed out), and that you can respond and adapt to constructive criticism. The main problem in this situation is that the less 'able' builders cannot take this criticism and work with it; they come crying back here to post something like this.
ajleece knexguy6 years ago
"The interface IS userfriendly, and they're clearly a lot more intelligent than you, as they don't post bitchy topics like this one on KI." UHHHHHHHH

u spllded uhhhhhhh wrng it is spllded Uhg. DUHHHHHHHHHH :)
hahaha i putteded a 'D" in front of your UHHHHHHHHHH


( This is all a sign of me going insane, thankyou for your time.)

knexguy ajleece6 years ago
ajleece knexguy6 years ago
Well, the last statement is wrong.
knexguy ajleece6 years ago
I posted this before I saw that topic, and besides, that one wasn't particularly bitchy... Though I suppose this one wasn't either, it is the comments on it that make it so.
When I first found the site, I could not tell who was replying to who, and as a result, I didn't know that mods were telling me not to do stuff. It took a while to figure it out since I was so used to the ibles system of replying. Plus when you post instructions, you have to use a bunch of code.
I've never posted instructions so I wouldn't know, but I'd imagine it would be like posting a comment (but with more code, yes).
Lowney6 years ago
I don't like the interface at all.
crestind Lowney6 years ago
Any parts in particular we could improve?

SEARCH BAR  (like lowney said)

a be nice policy :) (that goes for admins too) ^mepain :(

related search thingamobob off on the side

a rating system where you rate in your comment and it displays your rating

a comment tracker

a homepage for every user (kinda like ibles but with only a orangeboard and the stuff you have posted

if you usith any of these idears right heres pleases givith meith someith creditith :))


Lowney crestind6 years ago
-On a person's user page, there should be links and thumbnails to all oftheir    creations, like on YouTube and instructables
-Making comments should be like on instructables: when replying tocomments they should be below and to the right of the original post, notthe comment with a quote box (not too important though)
-When you make a comment, it shouldn't say "RE: (insert namehere)", it should be like on youtube and other sites where it'sjust a simple box

Well that's it  : )
crestind Lowney6 years ago
There is a search box already. I do have the other features in mind.Right now we're using a forum script which does not have those features,and the nested comment structure would probably need a completelydifferent script, custom coded probably.
Lowney crestind6 years ago
 Oh yeah I didn't notice that!
Is the forum thing possible?
And what about having people's stuff on their user page?
crestind Lowney6 years ago
We do have a feature where you can list all the models you have made onyour profile. You just go to Settings > Profile > Instructions,and put in the links. Threading isn't likely with the current forumscript. If we decide to make drastic changes to the site, it will be acompletely custom coded site.
Lowney crestind6 years ago
KnexFreek6 years ago
i use ki and ibles and i like them both. i have less probs with ki tho. my comp has so many probs loading ibles i can even start to explain them all. i like ibles more tho cause ibles has ALOT of non knex stuff. other than that i like them both. :)
Jesus.6 years ago
i like the site. but its the register i dont like, becuase me email blocks the conformation email.
and the chat, and people like mepain who abouse there power  like mepain does on KI chat, its like you say somthing bad to him and BANNED! he takes you voice its sooooo annoying.

there thats why i dont use KI.

NYPA6 years ago
Because i got banned from there chat for being "annoying".
F*** KI.
DrWeird1176 years ago
Hierarchy. Plus, it is cold and deconstructive, as well as too regimented.
Fred the Penguin (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
alfpwns6 years ago
I just Dont
I really don't see the problems people have - just seems abit like an argument for argument's sake to me, as though people have nothing better to do. Go make something instead - IT'S FUN!!!
I just finished the RG mark 1 Punisher
travw6 years ago
I do use it, because people there use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. They also don't unnecessarily flame 'ibles. Don't believe me if you don't want to, but the only reason 'ibles ever gets flamed there, is if KI is defending themselves against people who hate it, just for having rules. Dj... I don't hate you for hating KI, but I lose respect for you every time you bring it up, even though it's purely your opinion.

I come here for nostalgia, and the warmish community. Plus, everyone here is easy to please. =p
Just kidding. Kinda.
i looked at your comment about a flame on KI and you said ibles sucked
Where exactly? Link me.
you know exactly where the flame of KI is and your comment
WHAT?!?! I seriously can't tell what you're saying. Link me.
Der Bradly6 years ago
Your just Jealous....
jollex6 years ago
i dnt use it cuz once i lik posted a gun thar n it shot lik 100000 feeet butt every1 was lik "OMG THAT SO NOT TRUE!!!!!111!!2!@@ YOU IS BIG LIAR!!!!11!!one!" so i started crying
dun 4get teh forum topic u posted abut it
crestind6 years ago
There is an upload tab for image attachments. Not sure why people use Photobucket. There's a feedback forum, and we always respond.
Bartboy6 years ago
Forum based websites aren't as good as this. Plus, there are only about 20 respected members.
Knarez Bartboy6 years ago
Are there any respected active members here?
Bartboy Knarez6 years ago
Not really. But there are a few... I meant respective, not respected.
oodalumps6 years ago
"people there act like they know everything and your stupid" Whose stupid could you be talking about? It can't possibly be MY stupid! I don't have one.
Ki isn't a horrible website, but it does have it's problems. Just like you said the people there act like they know everything and your stupid. But that doesn't keep me from KI. Most of the guns are better there.