Reasons why we should do away with internet filters.

Internet filters suck.  Here's why we should throw this sh*t away:

- Most filters restrict LEGIT sites, like wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, etc.
- It slows your internet speed down somewhat.
- The workarounds make your surfing experience way too slow.
- Censorship in general sucks.
- It takes away freedom, which is already gradually ebbing away..
- So people don't try and steal my iPhone to look up porn because the PC's are blocked.

People should have common sense to just hit the X button if they stumble on content they find offensive.

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Doesn't work like that, child protection law is a big part of the reasoning behind internet filters in schools etc. the reason for other legit sites being blocked is often down to productivity and distractions...
I know of several schools where accessing Facebook on school computers is now a disciplinary offence, and of at least one school where staff have been told that simply having a Facebook page, even if it is never used in school time, could be considered grounds for dismissal, using the logic that it could be an inappropriate way to interact with pupils.

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Staff are not allowed to have Facebook profiles?

 I just read that, I think that's complete utter BULLSHIT. Teachers have a life too you know, and you're telling me that a teacher isn't allowed to have a facebook page or they'll be fire? OMG
I think that's a bit extreme, though I suppose zero tolerance is less effort than just paying attention...

As for the kids accessing it, I can see the whole distraction or non productive use of school computers issue but honestly the filters don't stop people - at the end of the day it's usually policed in the room there and then and repeated offending could drive up the punishments...

That said the majority of people use their phone if they want to...
Our filters are imposed at county level, according to the age-range of the pupils in the school.

As for phones - they're banned at my school, so not a problem.
DJ Radio (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
The reason that made me post this topic was the last one.
Then don't let them take your phone....
DJ Radio (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
When someone breaks into a bank, they don't let them in by opening the vault for them... Same in this case.
My point remains the same.... don't let them take your phone.
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