Receiving the Pastafarism Sacrament

About a week ago Instructables intern Bilal picked up some candy at the store; however, this was no ordinary candy. This was genuine FSM sacrament candy.

We had all the necessary equipment for a proper sacrament ceremony, so we decided to hold one at the office. I was in pure ecstasy as his noodly appendage slid down my throat. I knew from that point on my life would never be the same.

Picture of Receiving the Pastafarism Sacrament
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Tis yet another sign o the second coming of the great and noodly FSM, RAmen to ye who believe and may ye be touched by his noodly appendage
REA9 years ago
in b4 copy pasta (anyone who has been on /b/ should get this)
Noodly0ne REA8 years ago
T to the R to the O to the L to the L

(His avatar is the wallpaper on my laptop.)
Well, it looks like an account signed up just to troll on this board to me...the name, the pirate thing linking it, bumping a year-old say hahaha. I dunno, just smells like a troll to me. :)
The avatar is a symbol used by Pastafarians, "Noodly One" is a title bestowed on FSM, the member has made regular comments elsewhere, and has been a member for nearly two years. OK, so he's not very active, but I don't think he's a troll.
Trolls are revealed fairly quickly....if he is not very active, it would have to be intermittent trolling at best ;-)
No trolling intended! Id been lurking for a loooong time and finally made an account a few years back with every intention of contributing a few ibles of my own but never got around to it (been rather busy)... One of these days I will. Over break.

Kiteman, would a trapping tutorial be permissable? I'd like to avoid any flaming if I could.
It depends on the trap.

PM me with your ideas.
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