Recharging an RC car with NonRechargeable Batteries

I got my little sister these little rc cars made by tomy. they have infrared to avoid obstacles and navigate themselves (pretty cool) but they burn through batteries very quick. it uses 2 x AA non rechargeable batteries so i want to make them rechargeable. Here is my problems with current ideas, and the pictures really help explain everything so please look there. 1 normal rechargeable batteries --- will have to remove battery door every time and it is too much hassle 2 use rechargeable battery pack for wii like below -- not as common and expensive 3 heres the one that might work incorporate a 3v rechargeable power source with a dc charger port and 2 indicator leds, all in an enclosed 2 x AA battery holder HOW??? please help --- i just want to make it work out but i really dont care if i have to change the batteries or anything like that also, i need to make 2 of these so cheap please!!! and maybe add another led for the car to have a glow like pic 4? thanks rak

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I'm assuming this is a propper 6 x 1.2V cell pack.

Either invest in a charger, or find a charger for a battery drill. If you can't find a drill charger with a low enough voltage, just put in an extra couple of cells of the same type for it to charge.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
I think you can mod one of those nicad/nimh rechargeable chargers by extending the power leads from its "battery holder compartment" with a power plug lead like those found on wall wart power supplies. For the car, get the matching power receptacle or female-type plug and mount it in the car somewhere, maybe under the hood or trunk. Install the AA rechargeable battery cells. I think you may want to wire up the car's battery compartment with a double pole double throw switch so you can get it off the internal circuitry when you charge the batteries. I'm not an LED expert so someone will need to help you there but it is probably a simple thing to figure out what value the matching resistor/LED is to show fully charged power. Good luck.
raykholo (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
thanks i like this idea a lot keeping in mind that i have to make 2 of these, do you think it is a cost effective approach to rechargeable batteries? o yeah i know i can just get a 4 battery charger...
I think most of those rechargeable charger thingys come in a 4 battery version with 4 rechargeable AA size batteries. You can also make a jumper cable between the two cars so all the batteries are in the circuit and then recharge all 4 batteries as once without taking them out of the cars. Run both of the cars down before recharging to get the most life out of the batteries.
raykholo (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
i just got a lot more info than i was hoping for, and i think it would be cool to make an instructable on your idea combined with some of mine what i want to do is get a 2 battery charger with 2 status leds, and then "hotwire" each part of that circuit. its 8 wires so i think ill use a network cable for easy hookup. make 2 of these, and ill get the chargers super cheap from ... and then ill try to take care of all the techy stuff.
I guess you could do with network cable, but if it feels warm to the touch, you might be pumping too much juice through the thin wires for charging and creating a fire hazard. Please make an instructable. "Binary boy" has some good tips. Good luck.
raykholo (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
i actually opened up a network cable and thats what i use as my thin wire for all my electronic projects, so unless the fact that the wires are twisted makes any difference, it should be fine thanks for your ideas and i will slowly start the instructable in my free time once i have made this and tested it out which might take a while
the twist in the pair is to control the emf interference when there is a signal going through it, looks like an ordinary twist but the number of twists are actually calculated per inch...also no need for a shielding layer of insulation around everything, hence UTP, unshielded twisted pair...if I have my trivia right...
raykholo (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
the only part of that i knew was the thing with electromagnetic interference and that there was no shielding necessary also--as i asked below -- do u know where i can get a cheapo 2 AA battery charger that has 2 indicator lights -- charging/charged ? bipolar will also work

I think you should be able to go into any electronics store, Target, Walmart to find these. Maybe a few bucks more at your convenience big-box pharmacy chain store. If you must mailorder, try or even search
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