Recieved Password change from the robot.

Hi - Recieved a password change emial fromt he instructables robot on the 7th this month - i haven't been on line to request a change. Followed the email link - it does return to instructables and i did go ahead and re input my original password for the change. - then it said my account wasn't active when i attempted log-in? Then the email change form claimed it was sending a activation notice to my email??? then that my accoutn was now active - then i attempted log in and IE claimed encountering an error. came back and i'm in logged in now. but - never requested the first password change - for all the other bugs if you will and IE error /crash to happen. thoght you should know in case it's important. or if it something i should be aware of about password spoof mail. thanks -chase-

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-chase- (author) 8 years ago
Thanks All for the Replies - will do Kiteman - if I can find out how to PM this Eric person you mention. I thought when I writing started this post - this was going to an admin. I see it's a forum posting instead. BTW - sorry for the delayed response back - haven't been online. again thanks to everyone for the replies -chase-
Kiteman -chase-8 years ago
...this Eric person...!

Have a look here - Eric is The Man, and I don't mean the man you have to stick it to.

(And did you notice the way you got a notice of my reply? That's because I used the Reply button at the end of your message.)
lemonie -chase-8 years ago
Click here to PM one of them

lemonie8 years ago
But having looked I think my previous comment suggests something unlikely. Some moron might have done it to annoy you, but I can't see that you'd have been able to annoy anyone enough to do that - mystery - Do as Kiteman suggests perhaps, or ignore it.

lemonie8 years ago
Maybe someone with a similar username is having trouble and they accidentally requested a new password for your account thinking it was theirs (having found that their password didn't work)

Kiteman8 years ago
That sounds unusual. I'd PM Eric directly to check the situation.