Reclaimed Wood in NYC?

Does anyone have information on getting reclaimed wood in NYC? I'm looking to do some projects with old wood but it seems like you have to order a lot of it to get it delivered. Are there any places that will let you just get a couple of pieces? If there are other people in the city that are also interested what about pooling our resources and ordering a bunch of reclaimed wood? I may be able to supply some storage space for it to be delivered and for while we sort it out amongst ourselves. Thanks!

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Barn Girl3 years ago


rsibert29 years ago
I work for a company that has been in the reclaimed business for over thirty years. One could argue that we pioneered the business. Our company controls every aspect from taking down old structures to custom precision milling. If you have any questions please write me and I can give more details. We supply the world.
I have floor beams 4"x14" 18' yellow pine 120 years approximately 10,000 pieces
do you know any company that would be inetersted to buy ?

Did you ever sell the beams? I am interested if you have any

I am a furniture maker in NYC possibly looking for a new supplier of reclaimed lumber. I make most of my pieces from ash. Do you have reclaimed ash? and if so, how much do you charge? I need 8/4 and 6/4. Thanks Andrew
I've used from them too and I got exactly what I needed! I was tearing up my flooring in New York City NY and I was going to use that wood but found this website instead and am very happy with how they treated me as a customer! They were exactly what I needed! Good luck!
Have you checked out Build It Green!NYC? We have some great options for reclaimed lumber (along with two warehouses full of salvaged building materials one in Queens and another in Brooklyn!). Check out our lumber options here: - plus our Astoria Reuse Center is open everyday!
bignyc_lumber.jpg - all sorts of unique and characteristic salvaged woods from throughout the east coast - ash, oak, hemlock, pine, ipe. Raised grain, greyed/silver effect, rustic or re-milled chic. Check us out and/or email with any Q's.
jvan lynn6 years ago
My favorite reclaimed lumber company just opened a showroom in NYC!
Open This Friday- July 22, 2011 from 12-5. For an appointment you have to call their Cambridge/Boston Office # 617.895.8009. I made my appointment already- of course! : ) Happy Building!
brikane7 years ago We have a great selection of reclaimed wood. We have helped with many DIY projects.  Small orders are no problem.
We have a full shop capability and can cut your items to order, planning whatever you need, and plenty of experienced based advice. 
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