Record Ball Threatens to Crush You

It's a huge ball of warped records. OK, so there's not much on detail here, but just check out the picture.


Picture of Record Ball Threatens to Crush You
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=SMART=9 years ago
lol all that equates to one cd !!
DVD's hold more....
those are a thing of the past, nowadays, blue-ray! they hold 25, 50, and 400GB!

according to my favorite online encyclopedia!
HDDVD's are still the technology to stick by I am afraid. Funny, they are trying to bring back vinyl records LOL
that's impossible! you can't un-invent things
And HDDVDs are discontinued
I read a Tech article that claimed Blu-ray was dead. Go figure, eh?
Define 'Tech article'
I thought I read that in ZDNet just before my operation...granted, things could have turned around while I was hospitalized....
Morphine eh?
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