Rectangle accuracy tip...

Well, I made a discovery when I was messing around with some shells, I found that if you load a red rod into your rectangle, then put a shell of 5 silver spacers all the way back on the red rod... The red rod then flies extremely straight. The shell then falls straight down, where you can use it again if you want.

P.s. This also works for yellow, and grey rods.
P.p.s. You can also do the same thing for oodammo, but with only one silver spacer.


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knexguy7 years ago
Extended barrel, nice idea!
travw (author)  knexguy7 years ago
Thank you. Have you tried it?
knexguy travw7 years ago
I do not have a rectangle built, and I'm concentrating on the TKNIT at the moment.
TigerNod7 years ago
What do you mean with rectangle? I don't think you are talking about this thing below, are you?
travw (author)  TigerNod7 years ago
TigerNod travw7 years ago
Does it only work with the rectangle or with other guns too?
travw (author)  TigerNod7 years ago
Well, it sorta works with the DD-27, and most single shots. But only if the ammo sticks out the front.
What is a rectangle?
travw (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
DJ Radio7 years ago
good tip.
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