Rectifier Diodes

My friend took apart his broken Kenwood amplifier. He used his multimeter to find the broken part,  then removed the RM4Z rectifier diode. I've been searching for about an hour, but I cannot find any websites that sell the RM4Z diode. The closest I have found was one from Hitachi, but I read that the RM4Z was from a Chinese company.


TxPilot5 years ago
I think possibly the Rectron 1N5402 will serve as a replacement. At least according to this... I would double check the detailed specs for each of them though. It looks like there are several different manufacturers that have something comparable actually.
TxPilot5 years ago
See if you can find a "data sheet" for the rectifier diode you have. It will list the detailed specs. Then you will be able to find one comparable.
TxPilot TxPilot5 years ago
I made it back to my computer and looked it up. Here is a link to the data sheet