Recursive Food

I've been thinking about the concept of recursive food for Thanksgiving, as epitomized by the Turducken (bird inside a bird inside a bird.) While we don't have time to make a Turducken for our crowd this Thanksgiving, I'd like have something equally cool in concept, but less time-consuming to create.

Suggestions? Also, is it possible to make recursive food that doesn't end up looking like a Katamari Damancy-style foodball?

Having a collaborative/pitch-in dinner party where everyone must bring some sort of recursive food is also sounding like fun.

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mikesty11 years ago
Any food with the word turd = yuck.
How do you feel about pistachios?
westfw11 years ago
Deviled Quail egg in Chicken Egg in Goose Egg? With caviar garnish! (I'm don't know that you can get goose eggs, but I wouldn't be surprised. You can probably leave it out to make a more appetizer-sized "thing." Nested regular/pear/plum/cherry/grape tomato somethings? Red Globe, Thompson seedless, "champagne" grapes? multi-color Pepper (bell) rings? Roasted garlic in roasted elephant garlic sprinkled with garlic :-) ?
canida (author)  westfw11 years ago
I can get duck eggs, which are also large. I like the bird egg + caviar idea: it's more interesting than just multiple related fowl. This is more like what I was thinking- creative recursion, rather than simple size-based iteration. With tomatoes, maybe fresh, roasted, paste, and powdered combined in an interesting way? With grapes: fresh, juice, wine, raisins? Experimenting with form sounds promising. And yes, garlic does come in a large enough variety of form factors to be quite interesting within this scheme.
westfw canida11 years ago
Salmon pate' wrapped in smoked salmon with Salmon caviar garnish? Except I'm not sure I'd consder that recursive. Can you eat raw tomatillos? Do something interesting with tomato colors? Mushrooms should scale like eggs. Baked stuffed potatoes and sorbet in citrus rinds aren't even out of the ordinary. Lobawimps? (lobster tail, Prawns, bay shrimp - I think cooking them together would be sure to overcook something, though. Maybe assembled and served cold? Fun!
ian westfw11 years ago
I did a almost recursive fondue of cheese wrapped in bread, battered and fried, then dipped in the cheese fondue. It was called the coronary. 1. Start with a small cube of cheese. For a creamy center use young, but I like overjarig (more than one year old). 2. Wrap the cheese in a wad of soft bread. Stick it on the fondue fork. 3. Dip it tempura or onion ring batter. The onion ring batter is easier because it doesn't have to be chilled. 4. Fry it in the oil fondue. 5. Dip it the cheese fondue. 6. Enjoy quickly before the inevitable coronary that follows.
canida (author)  ian11 years ago
That's awesome! My arteries are already convulsing in sympathy.
ian westfw11 years ago
Mushrooms should scale like eggs.

Great line!
canida (author)  westfw11 years ago
Tomatillos aren't really eaten raw; at a minimum they get marinated. I love the name Lobawimps- it sounds like a lavalamp. Definitely to be assembled and served cold.
westfw11 years ago
I also was struck by this vision of assorted patty-shaped foods sized and arranged in little (or not so little) "Tower of Hanoi" stacks. Not recusives so much in themselves, but recursive by reference :-)
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