Recycle, how do YOU help the environment by recycling, do you just toss plastic and paper products into correct bins whit the recycling sine in it or do you reuse old stuff, remake to keep up whit the time, take action yourself. What do you do? For example, I recycle old news paper... Its a whole proses, first you cut the news papers into smaller peaces, then you let it set in a special, secret concoction, then you blend them, then a secret method of removing the ink from the paper, and finally evenly distribute the sludge into a mold and let it set, dry. One day I might make an Instructables on how to recycle old newspapers. So what are your actions on helping the Earth recover?

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110100101108 years ago
i give priority to stuff depending on its usefullness for hacking and diy or immediate use i like to explore trash at construction sites and computer repair centers - great resource for all neded for diy constrtuction and computer hardware i somtimes pick stuff from local trash - like glass panel from picture frame or cardboard boxes or electronics. its amazing what can be found there. like full working pentium 4s - one with blown fuse in the power supply and another with software problems only i dont keep bottles and the like. usually i have nothing to do with them. i just throw them in the bangomat (recycle container) outside of recycling - i am vegan (which saves lots of resources and avoids pollution - besides the animal stuff) and i try to save energy / resources in general
comodore (author)  110100101108 years ago
Its great when you find devices, untouched, I love to take them apart and salvage electronic parts from them, like capacitors, resistors, transistors, chips and everything else I can find that still work properly! Unfortunately in my country there aren't junk yards like in America or so that only have some old electronic or engendering equipment. It is a real shock what people can trow out just because it is old or in your situation whit the computers, because of lack of knowledge.
hey, check out what velacreations did at

because of him I finally found out what to do wid those bottles lying around in our house

we've got tons of it in a pile at the back of our house ( we keep the plastic containers )

We also use it for storing water in our store in a busy road to supply our employees wid water, don't worry they dont mind

and we also use those med sized 5 liter water containers all over again in the
second floor of our house.
comodore (author)  nutsandbolts_648 years ago
That is not a bad thing to use the bottles for....
Goodhart8 years ago
newsprint is locally recycled, along with glass bottles, and certain plastics (a few are marked with a number that they do not take, normally foam style containers like from restaurants, etc).
comodore (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
In my country there aren't many recycling bins, just for the newspapers, but people have started to trough in everything in them, so the government abandoned the project.
in the cities here, we get smaller plastic (o_O) bins to place recyclables in temporarily, until pick up once a week.
FaqMan Goodhart8 years ago
Prety much the same here but we finally got big square bins to use.
comodore (author)  FaqMan8 years ago
Still, not much is done to help people recycle... :P
true here in israel we have widely available recycling for PET and HDPE plastics and for paper most glass bottles and metal drink cans are returnable (with small refund). few plastic bottles too but most not some metal factories accept scrap but you need to know manually the people (they are not widely known to the folks) also batteries are collected but i think they are just getting concentrated in a special landfill and not getting recycled fluorescent lamps and gas from old refrigerators are not collected and not recycled what hurts the most is the absolute ignorance from the average folks. they just keep buying a lot and trashing a lot and wasting as much as possible. and yet they think hey are so uber green cause they changed the lightbulb in the garden to 3X higher wattage cfl that illuminates up to the other side of the road most bottles / paper / batteries still end in the trash. in the paper recycle bin more than half is A4 pages printed on less than 1 full side (without even a bent corner. you can successfully feed them to the laser printer). in the battery bins you can find lots of rechargeables after single use and sometimes new alkalines (how ????) i never bought a page of paper or a battery in like 5 years
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