Recycled Chopstick Canoe

A Japanese man was bothered by the fact that so much wood was being put to waste so that people could use disposable chopsticks. He, of course, did the logical thing; build a canoe out of them. To accomplish this feat, Shuhei Ogawara has spent the last two years collecting said chopsticks from the local cafeteria. His boat is constructed of 7,382 chopsticks glued together and then sealed with a resin coating. It has yet to be tested, but he is pretty confident it will float for the launch ceremony.

via pink tentatacle

Picture of Recycled Chopstick Canoe
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greenjedi7 years ago
I LOVE this site. I was looking for inspiration, and here it is! a new sushi place opened a few months ago near my house, and i've become rather friendly with the owner and staff. i should collect up all of their used chopsticks! I'd love to have a bamboo table or desk.
drawe218 years ago
Beautiful Canoe, but I would use the chopsticks for camp fire. My wife would kill me having all those used chopsticks laying around the house...
A Canadian friend tells me that the best of the lumber harvested in Canada goes to Japan to be turned into chopsticks. Straight grain and no knots. No waste in creating them, but obviously great waste in the disposable nature of chopsticks used in eateries. Bamboo too, for that matter.
Hello Kitty9 years ago


He must have eaten there like, every meal...
agis689 years ago
i am trying imaging hem collecting and after put them together....hewwww On the other hand is a very ggod lesson to all these (some times icluded me) we throw away all these first materials and we try sink the planet in our trashes Good job dude!!!
Patrik9 years ago

Man, that is a lot of sushi...
Thats unbelivable...... Really insane.
Wow! and what a beautiful craft!
Deadpunk9 years ago
thats awsome! i'm planing on making a raft and maybe a few other water craft this summer from salvaged materails with my friend cody and this is definatly inspiring