Recycling Alkaline Batteries

It has always bothered me when I disposed of spent alkaline batteries ( having 3 children , can add up to a lot of batteries per year).And there are no local or state programs for recycling these types of batteries where I live. I recently found a company that recycles all types of batteries and electronic waste by mail @ a reasonable cost. They also offer a municipal program for your town.

check it out , it`s worth the 5 minutes that it`ll take you.

Picture of Recycling Alkaline Batteries
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110100101109 years ago
connect some in series to take the last bit of power out of them thats good to light LEDs etc
Plasmana9 years ago
You can recharge them.
i've tried
110100101109 years ago
The alka's recharge not bad at all Use resistor to minimize current to very low levels so they won't heat (and leak or explode as result)
pickford789 years ago
Rechargables.... saves the earth and money.
Save them, ALWAYS. No matter what, I always save 9volt batteries for some reason..
dolabil66 (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
well for myself ,I was glad to finally find a place to recycle these...there are to many things that can be recycled that still are not