Red Mercury

Does anyone have any Red Mercury they could spare?
I'm after ~1/2 gram, 98%+
Ship to UK


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You forgot the magic words. :P
"Can I have some red mercury abracadabra?"
lemonie (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Sorry, please?

KentsOkay8 years ago
Gimme a day to post some images of the small quantity I keep stored in a bottle suspended in my pool to protect it from shock...
!!! That's the worst idea ever! Keeping something safe from lightning in a bottle over a pool full of water!? How could you be so stupid! I mean seriously, that is the worst idea ever! It's amazing you're even allowed to have a pool.
You have to put it in a metal box above the pool to protect it from shock. Duh.
yourcat8 years ago
Why is everyone taking this so seriously... ?
lemonie (author)  yourcat8 years ago
Good question, why did I post it?

why dont you get it from a thermometer
lemonie (author)  shawntherobot8 years ago
It isn't red. The red-fluid in thermometers is either dyed-alcohol or dyed-paraffin.


I just looked up red mercury and i hope your not   a terrorist because i have a ten  gallon tank of it in my cellar that im going to give a way lol

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