RedBull Art of the Can Contest

Since we've got a ton of can reuse projects on the site, you'll love this:

RedBull is running an Art of the Can contest. Deadline to submit your artwork is April 6.

Anyone want to try making the Robot?
If you build something for the contest, share the full Instructable or Slideshow Instructable here!

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iman9 years ago
too bad red bull tastes like urine and cost like five bucks a can :)
canida (author)  iman9 years ago
I think the relevant feature is the caffeine.
Flavor is secondary. ;)

Just think of all those coffee drinkers- could anything taste worse?
iman canida9 years ago
but what about the price you would go broke buying all those cans
canida (author)  iman9 years ago
Find an addict and nick their cans. ;) There's probably some place that runs through them and would be happy for recycling help.
Patrik canida9 years ago
Hmm... someone needs to post an instructable on how to remove the cough syrup from red bull.

I guess you could separate the caffeine and the quote-flavoring-unquote by crystallization, but perhaps there's something easier to get rid of the vile taste?
Sunbanks iman9 years ago
The dragon's awesome! Gorillaz and Jessy, drop your current robot projects and collab on this! (maybe?)
canida (author)  T3h_Muffinator9 years ago
We should totally swamp them with entries. I'll practice a bit with random cans to get technique, then maybe give it a shot. Want to join the fun?
I totally would! But I've gotta focus on Proj. X and Science Olympiads (we made states!) I'll see if I have time for it though, and I'll let my aunt know about it - she is a professional sculptor, after all...
muffinator, just out of question when will we see project X because we all have secret projects but yours is annoying me now. Then again 'the beast' will be unveiled in a while.
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