Redefining Dumpster Diving

Creatively using dumpsters in neighborhoods for different utilities and sports - a swimming pool, garden box, skate half-pipe, and ping-pong table.
Check out the great pictures at Scene 360 and Trixiny.

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Picture of Redefining Dumpster Diving
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lemonie8 years ago
I saw this a while ago via - it's always got fresh links to quality stuff (if you haven't already got it bookmarked) L
jotism lemonie8 years ago
would they not rust a bit??? and would they not be a bit hard if you hit your head against one??? About the flash drive mod, just imagine it as a giant memmory card, thnk of the amount of 8Gb MICRO SD cards you could fit in a skip lol!!!
PKM jotism8 years ago
It looks like the one in the picture is filled with pond liner plastic or something similar. You could always slip pool noodles over the edges... Now who's going to make a wood-fired redneck hot tub out of a skip? Yes I'm allowed to say "skip", the one in the picture is clearly in England :P
lemonie jotism8 years ago
It's only temporary, and yes steel hurts the head - but permanent swimming pools aren't soft either. L
Plasmana8 years ago
Are they trying to throw away the water? :-)
lol Yeah
dombeef8 years ago
Wow what next.... a dumpster flash drive mod?
yeah,9000000000000000005000 gigabytes!
Or 15 mb! lol!
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