Red's Reliable (R3) Mods and Review


So I built Red's Reliable (R3). It was pretty ownage, but there were a few things that popped out at me as annoying, but easily fixed/modded:

-Flimsy trigger guard and short trigger
-The mag wasn't preloadable
-Looked a little long (imo)
-Asymmetric at 6 layers
-Pin was hard to grasp and could wobble once pulled
-Back sights were flimsy
-Pieces would break where the pin hit the gun

Now, these are all the negative things, but in the original gun, the positives outweigh them. Here are all the things I love about this gun:

-Fires green rod/grey connector ammo, my second favorite type
-Shoots 35-45 feet (for me), so pretty powerful at close-mid range
-Really good pin pull distance
-Almost never jams
-Reliable mech (heh heh)
-Did I mention it looks amazing?

So I decided to mod the gun and fix all the things that annoyed me. Here's what my mods have done:

+Mag is now preloadable (Has a ceiling)
+Trigger guard is sturdy, and trigger is longer
+Shorter front barrel (which increases range because of less barrel to bounce off of)
+Symmetric, and has metallic 6th and 7th layers (Sorry for jacking your style BM but it looks better that way)
+Pin is now much easier to grasp, and doesn't move left or right when pulled
+Back sights are now very sturdy
+Where the pin hits the gun is now reinforced so that no pieces are damaged when the gun fires

So that's kinda an overview/review of the gun. Before the mods, it was like a 7/10. After, I would rate it at an 8.5/10.

Props to Red for making such a great gun.

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This reminds me, I never have posted pics of my version. I'm gonna do that later.
might as well do it now! lol
Or not
What do you mean?
I forgot to
Do you still have it built?
yes, I just forgot to get pics
O.K., good!
Ok i got time tommorow and will post Sunday or Monday.
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