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I am feeling a little foolish while writing this, but I have noticed that the views per instructables has reduced remarkably. Earlier the instructables featured on the homepage had around 5000-7000 views in a single day and now that number has reduced to 500-1000.
for example-

and i would like to add that these instructables are Fabulous. Not only this, the views on a normal featured instructables has also reduced.
Is it because of that, that too many Instructables are being featured? I don't know, but I think something needs to be done to address this issue..
If you agree or disagree please leave your valuable suggestion.


Credits: Wooden USB-stick by X-plain,  Live Instructables Followers Counter by Nikus,  Sustainable Geometry by ENGL212.

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Moem5 months ago

The new usage of Views makes sense to me. Now I'm wondering whether the levels at which one gets a medal for a certain number of Views will also be adapted.

I had the same thought, I'm not sure I'll live long enough to see 1M+ views now.

Lots of people think so too. I think you should get a silver at 100k views and gold at 1m. Imo it makes more sense.


And I still disagree with bravoechonovember :)

You never know :)

My second and third most viewed I'bles have close to 250K views in total, and I would have NEVER guessed that something like that would happen. I felt that both of them were just "another Instructable"... Before they were in the newsletter!

Yonatan24 Moem5 months ago

Do you mean for people that haven't gotten it/them already? Because the "fake" views haven't been removed (not complaining! ;)

Moem Yonatan244 months ago

I'm not sure. Honestly I did not think this through. But some kind of adaptation seems in order.

lebowski5 months ago

You shouldn't feel foolish! Here's what is happening.

About two weeks ago we made the default for viewing Instructables to be viewing all the steps for all visitors, instead of just the Intro + Step 1. This has greatly reduced the number of page views on our site. In general is seems to have reduced total views by about 4-5x.

The views for an Instructable were being counted for any page/step viewed within an Instructable, not just the view on the first page of the Instructable. We set it up this way to match the page view count we would get from Google Analytics, as that counts a page view every page/step that was visited. We were not trying to inflate our numbers, but make them more accurate.

Here's one example of a recent very popular Instructable with lots of step views. 5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw shows that it has 462k views, but in Google Analytics we see that the main page has had 126k views.

With the recent change, this lowers the overall view count significantly for Instructables. The views count is now closer to a unique visitor count, which hasn't changed.

My guess is that most authors think of the views total as how many people they are reaching with their Instructable, versus how many pages/steps of the Instructable are being viewed.

We could reinstate the view count based on how many steps are viewed by visitors, but it feels like that would be misleading.

Happy to answer any other questions, and thanks for reaching out on this topic!

mtairymd lebowski5 months ago

I'm sure this would irk some people but it seems logical to go back and multiple the legacy postings by the estimated factor (0.2 or 0.25). This would obviously reduce the total view count but give an apple-to-apple comparison moving forward.

So when a non-premium member viewed the full version of an I'ble, it would count as two views (and I guess also twice the amount of advertisements)?

So if I had a 30 step I'ble, and someone scrolled through all of the steps, it wouldn't count as one view?

Perhaps that explains why I've noticed that the total views counter on my profile page has been increasing slower (other than not publishing for 3 weeks) lately...

This is my most viewed I'ble, at over 130K views. So from what I understand, I've had probably less than 100 thousand people see this Instructable? That means that the Favorites/views ratio and the ratio for the amount of people that watch my embedded videos is actually a lot higher!

I normally wait a few days after the newsletter has been sent, since I like seeing how many views (the I'bles that I'm interested) get, and have been noticing the view count is surprisingly lower than usual - so this is the reason? So I should also expect to get fewer views on my I'bles, and it should be normal. Interesting.

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