Referral links not showing counts

I've attached an image of what the referral links look like on my instructables. They've always looked like this but I'm told there should be numbers after each link and the blank spots should have numbers as well.

Picture of Referral links not showing counts
blkhawk5 years ago
You beat me to it! I was told by Jayefu to post it in the Bugs section. It seems that some people or browsers do not display the counts correctly. My browser Google Chrome only displays commas, however, Canucksgirl could see the correct count on her computer.
bwrussell (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
I've tried 4 browsers across multiple computers and haven't ever had numbers in the year plus that I've had published projects. Wierd that it seems dependant on accounts.
This is what my referrer stats look like (using Safari on a MacBook).

I opened the stats tab on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and I get the same commas on both browsers. I assume that it has something to do with the way my account is set up at the other end.