Regarding Featuring at various levels...

At the moment, a full feature for a project gets that project onto the front page as an "Editor's Pick", but all a feature at Category or Channel level earns an author is a small star on the project's thumbnail.

What I think should happen is...
  • I look at the front page, I see the most recent top-level featured projects (as now)
  • I click on a Category, say, Food, I see all the top-level food projects, plus all the Category-level featured projects.
  • I click on a Channel, say, Sandwiches, I see all the top-level, Category-level and the Channel-level sandwiches.
That way, authors will be rewarded for their work with the increased traffic they deserve.

The photo is irrelevant, I just don't like publishing topics with no image.  It's the Angel of the North, with Conker-X sitting on the toes.  I took it on the way home from the Newcastle Maker Faire.

Picture of Regarding Featuring at various levels...
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Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
See also:

I completely agree! However, didn't they have that before all these site changes? I thought I remember that...I'm also finding that a lot of great ibles haven't been featured so at least a category or channel feature would benefit the author.
Kiteman (author)  SkysTheLimit6 years ago
I don't remember levels of feature?
"Want to know what it takes to get your Instructable featured? Wonder no more- here are the guidelines we use to identify feature-worthy Instructables! We now have three levels of featuring: 1. Individual channels (like Gardening or Robots) 2. Top-level categories (like Living and Technology) 3. The Instructables homepage"
Kiteman (author)  SkysTheLimit6 years ago
That was one of the changes - Featuring used to only be single-level.
I remember that being there last year though. I know there were always topics and questions from people who received emails about getting featured on the front page but they actually only got featured in their category or channel. They would give the person 3 links of where it was featured on the homepage, 2 if category, and 1 if channel.
It was probably edited. ;)
lemonie6 years ago
Good picture, what camera etc?

Kiteman (author)  lemonie6 years ago
My usual - Finepix S8100fd, set on automatic.

The positioning of Conker was purely fortuitous - he had run ahead and was sat on the toe waiting for me.
Angel of the north? What do they mean north?
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