Rejoice! No more K' nex! - Greasemonkey Script - Now with Allsteps! - v1.0.0.0

I am currently focused on BUGS! Please, please, tell me about any little bug you might come across! Thanks!

First, there was the Allsteps fixer...
Then, there was human-readable URLS...
Now... there aren't k'nex!

Thanks to NachoMahma for hosting the scripts!

Changelog: - Version one - now there's an instructable - Added tooltip, better update message, fixed one spot of "x" - Fixed Cookie Problem - Unblocking page: - Integrated Allsteps script - Works without ill effect on every page - Notifies user for update
( skipped for tasteful purposes) - Works with older versions of GM by using cookies if need be - Safe for /forum* - Improved blocking, more default blacklist items - Ability to individually block items - Added whitelist - Changed the color to a light orange, it looks more visually pleasing, IMO - Changelog started

Download it here!

If you don't have greasemonkey... Click "Download Greasemonkey"

If you are more pro-knex, then just use this script. It does not get version updates anymore.

If you see any thing weird, please tell me!

The script is fairly well commented, and it is fairly decent in terms of coding practices. With comments, its exactly 200 lines!

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Goodhart9 years ago
*sigh* something went wrong on my machine....this doesn't work anymore....*sigh*
why do you hate knex?
Not hate, just gets in the way of what I am interested in :-)
ok. at least you use this and dont put nasty comments about them like steveloution (sorry about spelling)
When someone professes to "know something" as he does, but only has disseminating, and purblind remarks to make about others, they can normally be ignored as inconsequential. I have nothing against others playing with Knex, I am just more of an electro-mechanical kind of guy |:-)
it is anoying and hard to ignore because he gives negative rating to the instructables. even if they are cool like my knex AK-47. btw, i like electronics to. thats why i like fichertecnik. they combine electronics with peaces that you can build things with.(i am making a rubix cube solver out of fichertecnik. it is going to be my nex instructable. :)
I know it is hard to ignore those without moral fiber, but the last thing we need to do is stoop the that level, and return fire.
true, very true. i should send him a pm saying he need to get more fiber in his diet. lol
Nah, no need to stir up sleepers if all they want to do is be a pita.
Isn't pita a bread of some sort?
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