It took me forever to track down the original link to this artwork, but it was well worth the effort! Check out the amazing detail that Nash Gill captures through his laborious efforts. Absolutely gorgeous, and very inspiring.

Picture of Relief
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Kiteman8 years ago
Four thousand dollars!
Looks like a large version of a finger print.
Police are seeking the identity of a tree. Last seen in the vicinity of Faisel Wood, it is wanted for a series of "hit and grow" attacks on local properties over the last 350 years...
:-) I think he moved too close to Torchwood and got flamed ;-)
jeff-o8 years ago
I find it ironic that the "cross-sectional" image of a dead tree is printed on another dead tree.
scoochmaroo (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of too!
=SMART=8 years ago
Wowza, that is super detailed. maybe a high def photo could be edited to look the same ? It wouldnt be as cool though...
ledzep5678 years ago
i wonder why he is using a huge angle grinder like that? i imagine he would be able to get alot more precision and alot more uniformity in line weight with just a dremel tool.
a Dremel tool would have taken him years to do.
fwjs288 years ago