Religion discrimination in my school...

Hey guys, what's up?

Let me get straight to the point. There's a really beautiful and nice transfer student in my school, but everybody picks on her 'cause she's a Buddhist. The majority of the kids in my school are Muslims, and they hate indifference. At first, they just picked on the Buddhist girl, but they started to diss Christians, Catholics and agnostics. I really hate religion discrimination, so I want to do something about it. The problem is, in my school, if you want to be one of the cool kids, you have to go with the flow, and if I just tell random bullies off they will mark me as one of the very few uncool outcasts. So yeah, I need advice.

Thanks in advance.

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I totally know what you mean by this, a lot of kids in high school are immature. This of course carries on into life after high school, but we're not going their right now. From my experience in high school you literally just have to stop caring. Not about the people who are being bullied, but about the majority of jerks who float around and just sort of passively bully people because its what everyone else does. If you see something happen that really gets you going because you know its wrong, don't hesitate, stop them right there and chew them out. I can tell you from experience (especially with high school kids) 95% of people will do listen and do what you say, they might give you some nasty remark, but those people really don't matter anyways. Just tell them why its wrong, why what they are doing is just immature, and stick to it, if what they are doing is senseless none of their arguments will hold ground. Just BE CAREFUL you don't start to classify people as "good" and "bad" most people are generally good, they just are idiots and make mistakes. I've watched some of my best friends do some terrible things to the people closest to them and vice versa with people I assumed to be "bad".

Start acting. If you see this girl being bullied or just talked down to, do something. Try not to make too much of a scene just be firm and speak you're mind, don't try and think about what you're going to say or you'll miss the moment just say it. You might feel like a Jerk for acting this way but trust me the feeling is temporary, you'll feel great afterwords.

As for being cool, don't worry about it, I've found some of the coolest people I know being "uncool" its a matter of character and how genuine people are. I know its cliche but whatever this is the internet, I'm allowed to do that. Truthfully I've been complimented by multiple girls for just standing up against people who act like jerks. Not trying to brag, just raising the point that chicks dig guys with values who have a spine.

So remember
1. Stop caring
2. Speak up (no more Mr. Nice guy :-] )
3. Get the ladies

(ps: listen to kiteman and some of the older members they are ALOT more wise than most of the people here, including me. Don't be afraid to talk to a teacher or anyone if the bullying gets serious, you know when its being taken to far. Once standing up doesn't have an effect, it's out of control)

watch this lecture by Philip Zimbardo (google him if you don't know who he is) It's highly relevant to this, and its almost earie how I stumbled upon this literally 10 minuets ago, then found you're forum post.

The best of luck,


Well, if being cool makes you do wrong, being cool is not cool.
Kiteman8 years ago
Model good behaviour.

Treat the victims with as much respect as you treat the bullies.

Volunteer to work with the victims in class.  Hold the door open for them if they are behind you in the doorway.  Pause to let them pass.

When the bullies round on you to demand to know why you are being nice to the victims, ask them to explain exactly why you shouldn't be.

Camisado (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Hmm... a much more extreme, cussed-up, and somewhat violent variant of your plan might work....

Thank you very much, Kiteman.
Just be aware that, should your actions come to the attention of the school authorities, whoever is suspected of turning the conflict violent (without being the actual victim of the discrimination) will probably get into more trouble than the actual bullies.

Be prepared, though, for a long struggle - I note that you are in Java, which is 90+% Muslim, and Muslim countries are traditionally (though not exclusively) much less tolerant of others outside their culture or religion.

However, looking at the Wiki entry for Islam as practised in Java, perhaps you might approach a local Kyai for advice, or to ask him to intervene? 

Or, quite likely, I have completely misread the situation, and you ought to ignore my advice completely...

Camisado (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I never start a physical fight, I provoke the bullies and make them attack me first, then I counterattack. If it's absolutely necessary, I can have one of my friends videotape some evidence, so the principal blaming me for turning the conflict violent is (almost) out of the question.

Lol, I actually laughed my bum off when you told me I should go meet a Kiai. Most Kiais are so dang conservative they'll try to actually convert me if I tell them I'm not a Muslim.

And no, you didn't misread my situation.
Ya that's what i do if someone is ticking me off.there's a useful judo flippy trippy thing that's pretty useful against uncoordinated all brawn no brain bullies.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Find some way to magically teleport them to an American school. Then they can enjoy life on the receiving end of the BS they have been dealing out to others.
Ouch... but so true. It's not quite as bad in Canada, but it's still worse than it should be.
if you're in canada that's bad enough. jk
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