Okay, so i see religion seems to be a hit here. while I've tried not to add to this irrelevant subject, i think its time the world heard my views.

Religion is another form of government with each sector having its own capital, rules, leaders, and history.
it is one of the three "G's" by which all wars are fought. (God, Ground, Gold). it holds billions of people fixated on a singularity, a possibility that with proper deduction can be reasoned.
While no self respecting Scholar of God (and i mean god of any religion) will denounce his faith, its a quite perplexing subject, for both the religious and secular Humans. In order to truly understand it, you must first examine yourself, leaving aside any beliefs instilled in you. When you feel yourself free from prejudice, open your minds eye to the world around you. everyone has one, and everyone knows how to use it. examine the facts that you already know to be true with those not yet proven by anyone. Please don't misinterpret this post as me siding with anybody. I merely want you to use Deductive reasoning to make your own decisions.

there are a few questions you can ask yourself that may help you in your quest.

1) Is the juice worth the squeeze?
if any religion is right, death brings about great rewards(or penalties) in the afterlife.
if science is right, than were just going to die. (gloomy, i know)
whichever the case, ask yourself if the effort your putting in is really worth your TIME. (I capitalize time because it is only a concept, an invention much like those on this site. learn to live without it and life will be so much more rewarding. )
if you just die, than "...all (your) yesterdays will (light) fools a way to dusty death"- shakespear
2) Do you believe everything in your Book (bible, quran,etc.)?
if you question even one, than there are definitely more you havent gotten to yet.
3) Do you trust your fate to another human?
Some Religious leaders are corrupt in every sense of the word. Make a decision.

there are plenty more, of which i do not have time to post, but that should be enough topic to discuss for now. I will return later to answer questions and delve a bit deeper.

Just remember, "the absence of knowledge is the absence of existence" -Nick Disney (Me!!!!)

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evilkidjr8 years ago
im slightly offended by the fact that you question my faith
REA evilkidjr8 years ago
meh, dont let it offend you. have you ever heard the saying "to each, his own"? if he wants to believe its a hoax, let him. when its all over we will see whos right and whos wrong.
evilkidjr REA8 years ago
i guess you right
This is an old one, I guess you're lucky the author is still around..

The only thing worse than a religion topic is an old bumped one. -_- Honestly I don't know what people think they are accomplishing by all this trolling.
I think they may just have hit it on a search. "we" should delete our old stuff I think? L
Yeah, probably. I just wish they'd stop trolling period, it's one dead horse that has been flogged so hard there's nothing left of it, it's an imaginary horse now, but they just won't put their whips down.
I'm more bothered that the people who tend to support these threads are rather narrow-minded. It's often just reaction by people who feel vulnerable or otherwise threatened (recent example above). Some high-level thinking or insight generally washes over people and they don't think/change. E.g. Jesus would hate this sort of thing, ~~2 min~~ 10 sec and he'd be back on the street and off to the public places...? L
nickdisney (author)  lemonie8 years ago
 assuming he was really as magical as everyone seems to think he was...
Either way.

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