Remember Trebuchet's map?

Have you put yourself on it yet?

At least one member has mentioned that they can't find other like-minded individuals to talk to face-to-face. The more users add themselves to the map, the more likely you are to make new friends in the real world.

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NOBODY lives in my state sob
Goodhart10 years ago
I think I might be able to make the trip to Shickshinny, PA this year to see the "lights"

And to think, last year I just scotch taped a couple of LEDs to the window. That is the most awesome lighting display I have ever seen.
Well, now you can be inspired to "make them blink to music", right? LOL It is not so clear, but the area between the two wreaths in the upper portion of the house, are actually words. :-) I like the fact that they included a peace sign too :-)
I can see it now: blinkblinkblink bliiiiink. blinkblinkblink bliiiiink.
Yeah, getting them to blink THAT fast may be quite the challenge. :-)
one word SSR's they switch fast with no arcing and u can make your own to beat the price
Holy heck thats cool
I certainly liked it (I wish the video was better though). I was unable to attend last year nor will I be this year if they still do it.
Oops, I accidentally put myself in Britain. I'm really in Forsyth County, Georgia.
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