Remove insulation from wires

Hey folks, need some ideas to build a simple wire insulation removal system. Has to be so I can peel the inulation off wire from 10 gauge to the ribbon wire in computers as the only way to do it now is burn at that is not a good idea.

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resnak5 years ago
I know this is pretty late but since it was the top result on Google I thought adding my two cents might help. I believe this is exactly what you're looking for:
Biggsy6 years ago
why don't you buy a wire stripper? I have one here , it;s like a litle trigger decie that will expose the inner core of a wire and take off the outer insulation layer
Jayefuu6 years ago
You can:
a) crush them. Rolling wires between steel rollers crushes the insulation into the metal causing the metal to cut through the insulation. When it comes out the other side you get two halves of insulation and a copper core. Or if it's a multi core wire, lots of strips of insulation and a bunch of copper wires.
b) run it through a roller/blade system. A blade at the bottom of a V cuts a slit in one side of the insulation.
wisconsinjimmy (author) 6 years ago
Most times I have a hard time getting my point across, what I am after is a way to remove the insulation from the entire length of the wire wether it be 1 foot or 10 feet. Currently the only way to do this is for me to put the wire (scrap) into my smelter to burn off the insulation.
I remember from the past that the smelting route is the way scrap merchants used to do it, perhaps they are more modernised these days, why not enquire how "They" do it.?
When I went to the scrappy last week there was a guy sitting in a corner feeding lengths of cable through a machine. It didn't strip it but it cut along the length of it so he could just pull the inner from the outer and then put any inner cores through again.

I didn't get a good look at it though :(
Arano6 years ago
get a small and short tube, make a hole in the middle, add some sort of blade to one end of the tube to cut through the insulation. now put the wire through tube and the insulation through the hole in the tube(from the inside)... if you pull the wire through this the insulation gets cut open and seperated from the cable
lemonie6 years ago

I knew a guy who partially-stripped wires, tied the insulation to the wall of his garage and the other end to his motorcycle. Pulled it off he did.

Smart lol
fenderphil6 years ago
What I do is bend the wire in a tight bend and gently cut with a utility knife until I see the wire,I move around until I reach where I started and as mentioned pull off the insulation with a decent pair of pliers.
Another way is when it is cut all around pull the insulation just down a bit and get a screwdriver under the wire and holding in a u shape hold both before and after the cut and pull on the wire until insulation is removed. People tell me off but I have teeth that I am breaking in for a local farmer's horse and tend to strip with teeth

The stripper for heavy cable I would suggest a Cabac. FS1000

I hope I'm not breaking any rules with ref to a site.??
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