Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

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marjihs3 months ago

Thank you! My problem was actually a waffle maker knob that broke off, leaving an 1/8" piece stuck that I had to get out before I could replace it with a new knob. It took me a few tries, but I was successful. Thanks again.

barbarellaXx9 months ago

Great to see all success stories. Mine is a little bit more complex so please help.

Rca cable broke inside new car TV console. I pushed it in too far initially and then tried the hot needle trick many times. It's in bits inside and not holding to pull out.

Should I try small screwdriver ? It's a brand new car so I don't want to go near the garage, really need it fixed so please help me

Even though it is time consuming and complicated it might be well worth opening the device.
This way you can access the plug from the inside, usually they are open at the end one way ot the other and you can push the broken parts out from the inside.

kannab29 months ago

before reading this msg is used same technique iiits worked

KatonaÁ10 months ago

Thank you :) you saved me

MattR771 year ago

God is good! This worked for me. Saved me some money as well. Thanks!

FloR5 MattR7711 months ago


FloR511 months ago

thanks so much, it worked..i knew there would a solution here

KevinD701 year ago

Simple fix Take a satiety pin and heat it up with a lighter. Gently Push it into the center of the plastic piece stick inside the socket.. The heat will melt the plastic and allow you to penetrate the plastic fairly easily. Wait about 30 seconds for plastic to cool and harden around the pin. Then just pull it out. It is very easy..

MortenV1 year ago

Hello guys!

Q: Why is one of my pins made out of plastic?

Can it even get signal through plastic? I'm really confused.

I bought the cable a while back and it worked fine. Now, the right side of my speakers doesn't play anymore. So I looked around and saw the right head (red) had a plastic pin. Ah! Found my problem... But how could it work before then? Ugh.. And who in the world would sell me 1 plastic pin and 1 metal? ...I feel.. robbed... :-/

But the question is just why one of the pins is of plastic. Thanks :)

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