Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

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barbarellaXx2 months ago

Great to see all success stories. Mine is a little bit more complex so please help.

Rca cable broke inside new car TV console. I pushed it in too far initially and then tried the hot needle trick many times. It's in bits inside and not holding to pull out.

Should I try small screwdriver ? It's a brand new car so I don't want to go near the garage, really need it fixed so please help me

Even though it is time consuming and complicated it might be well worth opening the device.
This way you can access the plug from the inside, usually they are open at the end one way ot the other and you can push the broken parts out from the inside.

kannab22 months ago

before reading this msg is used same technique iiits worked

KatonaÁ3 months ago

Thank you :) you saved me

MattR776 months ago

God is good! This worked for me. Saved me some money as well. Thanks!

FloR5 MattR774 months ago


FloR54 months ago

thanks so much, it worked..i knew there would a solution here

KevinD709 months ago

Simple fix Take a satiety pin and heat it up with a lighter. Gently Push it into the center of the plastic piece stick inside the socket.. The heat will melt the plastic and allow you to penetrate the plastic fairly easily. Wait about 30 seconds for plastic to cool and harden around the pin. Then just pull it out. It is very easy..

MortenV10 months ago

Hello guys!

Q: Why is one of my pins made out of plastic?

Can it even get signal through plastic? I'm really confused.

I bought the cable a while back and it worked fine. Now, the right side of my speakers doesn't play anymore. So I looked around and saw the right head (red) had a plastic pin. Ah! Found my problem... But how could it work before then? Ugh.. And who in the world would sell me 1 plastic pin and 1 metal? ...I feel.. robbed... :-/

But the question is just why one of the pins is of plastic. Thanks :)

MortenV MortenV10 months ago

I think I found out. The plastic stick probably had a metal capsule, which broke off somewhere. I bought a new cable. Great forum by the way! :)

queenecarg10 months ago

I just did this and it worked like a charm. Used a paper clip though because the needles kept breaking. Thank you!!

Downunder35m11 months ago

I have seen on quite a few connectors that they are open at the end.
Some are covered by the contacts but the better ones are not.
If the later is the case and you confirmed that with a flashlight (being able look through an unused RCA hole) it is quite easy to push the broken center pin through the hole instead of trying to get it out the right way.
Of course you need to open the device anyway for the removal to avoid short cuts.

Oakland EK11 months ago

I had some RCA Composite cable plugs connected to my tv.......Someone acci-dently broke two of the cable pins off into my tv, trying to step over the plug cable.. I was able to remove the right side with some pliers...However, the cable pin on the left side was buried inside of my tv.....I was thinking of perhaps using a tiny drill or even getting rid of the tv.....But, I followed the instructions from this post, by taking a rather sizeable sewing needle, heating it, inserting it into the cable pin. After the pin cooled down, I attempted to remove the needle and the pin came out with the needle. Miraculous indeed !!!! Thanks a million !!!!!!

KathleenL311 months ago

Thank you!!! I was shopping for new TVs when in a last ditch effort I decided to google the problem. You just saved me a whole bunch of $$. Thank you!!!

MaxT51 year ago

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

thanks so much worked like a charm :) I was stressing coz only brought the tv yesterday I used the iPhone pin that you remove your sim card with ;)

thanks so much worked like a charm :) I was stressing coz only brought the tv yesterday I used the iPhone pin that you remove your sim card with ;)

thanks so much worked like a charm :) I was stressing coz only brought the tv yesterday I used the iPhone pin that you remove your sim card with ;)

I can't believe it was that easy! I used a paper clip and it took all of 30 seconds. So glad I found this post. :)

That was awesome, after realizing that the plug wasn't magnetic I suspected an alloy, but wasn't prepared to think it was plastic. It worked without bending the needle. Dreaded the thought of ruining my dvd recorder. Thanks ever so much. :)

IamW1 year ago

??? crying joy I thank u I thank u I just bought this Xbox one and it broke off in my new 60 inch flat screen this was really helpful


You saved my life! Mom just got a brand new TV and I broke 3 jacks upon replacing it on the TV brackets. I was thinking of sneaking it out to the repair shop before she comes back and shell out some money, then pretend like nothing happened. Good thing I bumped into your post. Thank you, your way worked like a charm. :)

Thankyou , very nice. I tried another way. I took a common pin. Cut it from the middle. Applied elfy (a sticky glue that gets hard in seconds). Put it on the center of stucked plastic pin for few seconds and pulled it out easily. Just take care in applying the elfy. Should not apply more than required otherwise it may stuck the pin if it gets outside edge of the pin. Regards.

I don't know how many here had the serious problm that the jack broke off as a result of being stuck in the first place.

Over the years I had a few that should have been replaced due to corrosion or abuse by kids.

But there is still a last ditch solution that most people that rarely take apart electronics don't know:

RCA connectors (the type soldered into electronics) are usually open from the back.
The centre goes to a connector that is soldered on but often it has a small hole in it's centre - this hole can be used with a small drill or push to force the stuck plug out.

Of course this requries to open the case and check if your plug is open on the back or not.
If you have enough plastic in the centre left to do the needle trick you might as well try a small diameter wood screw instead - you now the pointy type...
Getting a hot screw in by hand is not recommended so I suggest to use a good ftting srewdriver with a magnet on the shaft.
The magnet gives enough hold for the heating and the "drilling" into the plastic.
Don't heat it to glow, just enough to screw it into the plastic a few turns and then hold in place to let it cool down.
Once cooled you can use some pliers to pull the screw with the plug out.

this is a good way for very stuck plugs as, after the cooling, you can use the srew to turn the plug in the hole while pulling it out, much easier than brute force alone ;)

RachelleJ1 year ago

THANK YOU!! Worked like a charm on my sons friends tv! They called me a bad a$$ mom! Lmao!

Thanks for this! I have finally removed the pin that has been stuck for months!

You're a genius. Just made this work with a safety pin and extracted a broken off 3.5mm (1/8") stereo jack.

TexasDaddy1 year ago

Thank you, we used the idea with tiny drill bit, warmed it up with a lighter and it pulled out on 2nd try!! Thanks again.

i have a better idea if you have some one that knits take a very small knitting needle the one i used is a #13 heated it up stuck it in place pulled on it out came the broke off piece of the rca tip it has a small barb on the end for making very small crochets it worked just fine i removed it from a planet audio car amp

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful......wonderful brain work.....worked so perfect....GOD BLESS YOU IN A THOUSAND FOLDS

Augustarae2 years ago

Thanks so much for this tip. I too bought a new Tv and tried to connect my DVD player a few weeks later. I discovered the broken pin. I tried to put a barb on a needle or safety pin but it didn't work for me. The needle just came out empty. So I have another tip. I took my tiniest drill bit which is smaller than the broken pin and then followed the rest of your instructions. Each groove in the drill bit is like a barb. It worked! Thanks again.

skarnati2 years ago

Thanks so much for such a brilliant solution for such a hilarious problem!

All it needs is patience, speed, accuracy & a little skill.

We just heated the needle (without bending) using a candle & digged it into the plastic. It came out after 3-4 tries

bonjon332 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this tip Grandson broke off the tip from his xbox cable in the tv, he was devaststed I found your tip on here and in about a minute I had the pin out Used the heated metal needle method.Got the plastic piece and the metal piece all on the first try Now I am the best Grandma in the world. He was so sure I couldn.t get it out he bet me a ice cream cone lucky me

Many, many thanks. Works perfectly with my new Yamaha receiver's subwoofer RCA input. Suddenly, I pulled the RCA cable into the wrong direction and broke the pin inside. Had tried everything, but with no succeed. Until I read this brilliant tip!

pmsnds2 years ago

Thanks. Worked like a charm. I had found instructions using hot glue but was concerned about getting glue where it shouldnt be. I followed the instructions without bending the needle. Heated the tip with a candle and at first missed the part of waiting a few seconds for it to cool. I reheated tip, inserted and let it cool for seconds and easy as ever. Repeated for 2nd broken tip and it worked just as great. THANKS SO MUCH - I was ready to search for a repair guy tomorrow. And yes, I signed up just to thank you.

I also signed up on this site just to personally say THANK YOU for the wonderful tip!!! I truly worked! I used a medium sized safety pin and everything else was exactly the same.


irishblue2 years ago

Thank you so much. I tripped over my Xbox and the video cable broke off in my brand new TV. I created an account just to thank you for providing the info for me to fix it. I used some kind of extra large pin with a pearl on the end...I think they're called hat pins. Worked on the 2nd try. Thanks again.

bglen212 years ago

you, sir, are a life-saver and a genius.

I thank you

mraslowsky2 years ago
Oh my gosh!! Crazy! Thank you thank you. God bless
hoppyfrank2 years ago
brilliant tip! used a straightened fish hook.worked first time! took 4minutes.
mkelley272 years ago
Pulled my RCA out and one of the copper sheaths that goes over the pin ripped and was left in the input. Then, unknowingly, my friend jammed the now plastic pinned RCA back in and sunk the cooper even farther into the input. I can barely see it but maybe some really thin tweezers might get it out? Is it possible for it to be jammed in and another RCA to still work? Or does the electric current feed from the tip of the pin? Any ideas on how to get the sheath out now that it's so far in? I have a feeling the safety pin isn't going to work...
Diamonddds2 years ago
I was pulling what was left of my hair out until I tried this technique! You are the man! Thanks a million
tmk2573 years ago
Great tip, pulled out all 3 broken RCA cable pins, thanks
Forfattare3 years ago
Dude, you seriously saved me, i tried a lot of stuff, and i was about to give up, but I said "our last resort is google" found you, and your idea worked like a charm, thanks
hmcgroyn3 years ago
worked perfectly, after many failed ideas. used a skinny safety pin
col-853 years ago
Just made an account to say cheers , worked like a charm !
dmurrayjr3 years ago
That was brilliant... Worked perfectly... Thanks Alot
omorex3 years ago
Thank you! Worked perfectly.
pressieguy3 years ago
finally made some progress after seeing this tip.
just some notes id like to add.
i found safety pins work best, needles snaps too easy. get a decent size safety pin too. i used a small and a medium sized one and it wouldnt pull out. i had to go buy a larger size pin and it worked.
pull upwards. when i started pulling i thought leaning towards the metal barb/bend and pulling would be more effective.

my broken tip is still stuck in side the rca connector. i had some cheap crappy rca cables broken inside and the outside of the pin was made of metal and inside was plastic. anyone got some tips on getting the rest of the pin out?
sns12253 years ago
Bought a LEd tv few months before...My kid recently pulled the TV table which had tv receiver connected to led via rca..the yellow point broke & we were unable to view TV for days...had an 1 yr int warranty,however as i lost my invoice dealer not ready to provide warranty service. after trying every thing..googled for help...ur solution works brilliantly...really amazing...Thank u so much..u made my day & saved me some bucks
dleong13 years ago
You're an absolute legend!!! Lost one TV channel due to pins broken in the jack awhile back. Did it again today with the remaining channel T.T........ thought had to say goodbye to the TV. Thank you for this! Your trick worked like a charm!!! Now the TV has both channels back ^___^!!!
icampbell44 years ago
Simply AMAZING! Can't thank you enough!
Thanks a bunch for suggestion. My 3 year old son smashed the woofer of the home theater; broke both left and right RCA jacks. The two broken pins were completely inside, with no part exposed, hindering me to use a fine plier to pull them out. I thought of taking the set to the repair shop and shell out a good amount. But I came across this wonderful suggestion while searching for a possible solution and it worked like a charm. Few minutes and got both the pins removed....replaced with a new RCA cable...home theater working perfect again.

You saved me money and lots of frustration while dealing with the repair guy.
jai4dev4 years ago
Thanks very much...worked just fine..just bought karaoke,everybody was having good time singing when this bad thing happened..broke one of the audio pin in the port but with this sure solution we got it out in no time..thanks again.
just wondering only the plastic part came out..what about the top metal coating ?
In my case the sound system still works fine.
bugsypugsly4 years ago
It worked!!! Didn't know if I could do this, because I couldn't bend the safety pin as far as I wanted it to go. Tried it without heating it up. Didn't work. Heated it up like the instructions said. It worked!!! Thank you.
LOL! Broke off the composite cable tips off the Aux jack in my SUV. I figured I was going to take apart the center console just to replace the plugs. Instead, thank you for saving me time and aggravation!
Lawrence3954 years ago
Thank you so much it really work! I have a new LCD tv and while fixing the cable lines, i trip the tv and almost fell off the cabinet and grab the tv but broke the rca cable and left the pin inside.At first i tried using a super glue but it didnt work and makes the situation worse because the pin itself glued inside the tube. I freak out. Next day i googled and found something here might do the trick. Bend needle tip will be very good. The needle handle even went off and have to use a plier. Thank you million times!
thankyou cant believe it worked so well and quickly, im not very good with electrical goods so saved me payin someone.
sarah_h4 years ago
Worked great!! I also just made an account to comment :) Took me a while to find a needle that I could bend the tip on (they tended to snap) but ended up finding a safety pin that did the job perfectly. Thanks!
rhenderson94 years ago
Thank you so much for showing me how to save my TVs RCA video jack! You're a genius!
this actually worked normally nothing works for me but this did, by the way u can also use a small screwdriver and heat the tip of that 2 instead of a needle
glucas14 years ago
Thought it was too good to be true, but gave it a try and was amazed at how well it worked. Thanks Google! Thanks instructables! Thanks genius guy who took the time to share!
lovers294 years ago
i just made an account to comment. it worked great! i am amazed that you figured this out
Booneboys4 years ago
Totally amazing. My son broke the xbox pin off in our tv and I had no idea how to get the pin out. I took the tv apart but that was a waste of time. I used the needle trick you gave and it worked great. The only thing is the first time I didn't leave the needle cool off long enough inside the tv socket the first time. But the second try worked great after leaving the needle cook off. I also didn't bend the end of the needle and it still worked. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again. You saved me from buying a new tv.
danajrock4 years ago
hilarious.... never in my life have i taken the 5 seconds to "sign up" just to leave a comment... but for real.. thank you. lo
thank you so much for this trick.
i tried everything then i opened up the TV and now that i decided to electrocute myself , i thought why not Google it as well. then i found this very useful instructables
This isnt an instructable. There are many of these in 10 times better! if you just click one of those tabs on top :)
danbrubaker4 years ago
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Like many of the other commentors, my son was the culprit. Thank you so much for the tip. You saved me a couple grand!
loujr19774 years ago
You, my friend, are a genius. Thank you. My toddler broke the RCA right into my 72" DLP. I was stumped and luckily I found this thread immediately. THANKS!!
zsutherland4 years ago
thanks this really helped me out with my amp. i tried for 30 mins to take the jack off and it took 15 secs to do this. surprised me alot
i put hot glue on a pen and stuck and pulled it out worked great same concept
WOW that worked GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!
I'm amazed! It worked!!! Thanks for posting your solution. You're a rockstar!
mcveinot4 years ago
Thank you so so much! We were stymied as to what to do and tried everything we could think of. I finally stumbled on this and it worked. Whoo hoo!!
byaga4 years ago
Saved a lot of hassle, like unscrewing a million screws :D.. lol
All I need now is just to change rca plugs. THANKS!
saderman4 years ago
I love you! My 2 year old broke the cable in our Roku. Problem solved.

gypsypunk4 years ago
your sir are awesome worked like a charm thanks for the tip
jcooper175 years ago
Thanks sooooo much!! Really works well!
vmay5 years ago
Well, I tried the hot pin and it worked. Thank you thank you.
I made sure I got a needle for upholestry which was long as well. I threaded the needle with heavy duty button thread. Then heated it with a "Candle" lighter. I slowly inserted the needle into the PIN. Waited a good minute for it to cool. The heat conducted in the needle smoothly pirced the plastic pin inside the AV plug.
I then utilized the thread on the needle as leverage to pull so the needle would not slipp out of my fingers.

NEW TV SAVED!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you
erin7175 years ago
mtessier5 years ago
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cedwards25 years ago
YES! YES! YES! After a year of worry about solving this issue, My flatscreen TV is SAVED!!!! Thank you thank you.
dican885 years ago
This method worked for me too!! I had to use a thicker needle, and used the eye end. I also used a thimbal to push it into the plastic far enough. This was a life saver for me and my son's Xbox is back in business!! Thanks a ton :O)
12HotMom5 years ago
U r a Flippin Genious! :) :) :) My 3 1/2 yr old has the talent of breaking things by accident (I hope) and this one stumped me. I had the tv opened up and ready to take apart when I decided to try the good old World Wide Web and your fix was 1st that showed up. Thank you soooooo much.
joe colwell5 years ago
like many others have said, you are an absolute life saver! you saved me a lot off money and time, and solved a problem i have been faced with for nearly a year now! many thanks!!!
lmprice216 years ago
I havent tried it yet, but i cant find another solution lol so im gonna try it out later, seems like its gonna work. My son is a bull in a china shop. he "accidentally" broke the video pin off in the brand new dvd player that i havent even had a month! i was about to throw it away or buy and adaptor or something. My dad, who is an electrician didnt even know how to fix it!! lol so thank you for this post, If it works, which im sure it will, you will have saved me some money and a headache lol
Why don't you open the dvd player up, and push the broken pin BACK out of the socket? This is pretty simple to do, most RCA jacks are internally open ended (on the inside of the device) so that they don't get packed up with dust/dirt.
aj.takoo6 years ago
Thanks dude... this actually worked!!! I too became a member to say thank you.
rso7136 years ago
My 83yr old Step-father broke of two RCA cable tips on his very expensive flat screen TV. He asked his grandson to see if he could fix it, Well the "Expert Grandson" told him that he was not a TV repair person and couldnt figure it out! I Googled the problem, I tried this application and within about 2 minutes I had both of them out!! This really, really works!!

Thank You 
blaver6 years ago
thanks my brother loves you
this_that6 years ago
You sir are a genius.  I was at a local thrift store and came across a nice Sony powered sub that was marked for $10 "as-is"  since the sub had this exact same issue with the rca jack.  So I looked up how to possibly fix something like this on my iPhone and came across this post.  So I decided for $10 I would give it a go.  I first tried with little needles from a sewing kit, but didn't work, then I saw a thick needle in the needle set and got the tip very hot.  The second it made contact with the plastic rca pin it sizzled up all around the needle; I waited a few seconds and then pulled out the needle followed by the pin along with it.  I hooked up the sub to my reciever and the sub worked great.  I registered just to make this post to say "THANK YOU" and that you are a genius; if you are still reading this post you made back in 2007.  LOL!
Mjjoood6 years ago
Brilliant Idea and wonderful/concise instructions.

Thank you. It worked like a charm. I signed up to say this.
lalabora6 years ago
dude, you are amazing... thanks so MUCH
CharlesL306 years ago
That was awesome!  Worked like a charm!
boyz1236 years ago
wow this actually worked thank you :-)
saspic7 years ago
I had to sign up to say it worked for me, too! Saved a brand new receiver. I used a candle to heat a safety pin. Only took about a minute. After pulling out the plastic core, the metal jacket was protruding from the hole slightly. My needle nose pliers are nigh-well useless, and at one point pushed it all the way in. I was able to pry it back out with one of the plier prongs and finally fish it out with my fingers. Thanks!
invaderzil7 years ago
OOOOOh my god!!! You are a life saver!! My two year old broke the pin off in our tv, and we were starting to freak out a bit. Thank GOD for the internet, google, and YOU good sir!!
lexdiggy7 years ago
Boy was I scared when the male rca tip broke off in my pioneer cdj turntable...your method worked like a charm on getting a tip out. Thanks!!!
fiddlechick7 years ago
You are our hero! We were about ready to buy a new subwoofer when the RCA cable broke off in the jack. We took the unit apart and couldn't see any way to get the pin out. We stuck a hot needle in it (without bending the tip -- we weren't able to do that), and it pulled the pin right out. It left the metal sleeve, but we were able to work it out with a mini screwdriver until we could grab it with needlenose pliers. Thanks you!
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