Removing Silver from CD.

Is there a way to remove the silver off of a CD that's relatively fast and doesn't scratch or damage the disk in anyway?

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bogope1 year ago

I would like to know how to remove the graphics from a cd.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

neon sign transformer arc.

Triclaw3 years ago


tazman20879 years ago
Just figured out a way. I have tried it on maxwell cds and other cheaper ones. Take 3 strips of duct tape longer than the cd. Stretch them across the cd horizontally. Make sure the duct tape is completely flat, no bubbles or bunches. Using your finger smooth the duct tape over the label side of the cd. Then test a side of the cd to see which side give easiest. Then pull. It should come off in one big piece. In short, its like waxing hair.
for cds that are stubborn take a knife an gently break the surface of the aluminum coating. it aparently has some sort of seal created, but once the aluminum as been broken the rest of the label comes off easily. Pull from the side you scratched on.

Your answer, tazman2087, was the ticket! After struggling with troublesome CDs, breaking the foil seal with one gentle scratch made all the difference. Thank you!

It can be done with ultrasonics, but it is not easy. You can get clear blanks when you buy spindle packs of CD's/DVD's. What do you want them for? Cheers, Pat. Pending
thuperbrit10 years ago
we do this all the time at the hospital to cds we mess up on and keep our xray markers on them. All you need to do for the cheap ones (not the sandwiched ones) is score it a few times with something with a hard edge like a paper clip, scissor, fork, or blunt side of a knife, and then use any kind of tape, scotch works fine for me, apply to the metalic looking stuff (we can all agree it's metalic looking) and pull away. It comes off thuper easy.
gyromild10 years ago
Depends on the quality of the CD itself. Lower quality, cheaper disk have the aluminum layer laced on top of it, while higher quality ones have the aluminum layer sandwiched in the middle. In the case of some cheap CD-Rs (and bootleg disks), I've see the aluminum layer peel off along with duck tape taped on it.
Goodhart10 years ago
If I am not mistaken, that is aluminum despite the name.
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