Removing duct tape residue

Does anybody know of an effective way to remove the residue left from gaffa tape that wont melt plastics or harm electrics? I recently got an old keyboard that covered with it. (there is a lot of the stuff)

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mlemi5 years ago
Mayonnaise works great!! I have 3 boys that love to hog tie each other, mayonnaise is safe and effective on the skin.
BurtD1 mlemi1 month ago

stunned amazement! It works!

For the really hard stuff, dab with mayonnaise and scrape 4 times with finger nail. Repeat until it's gone..

For the old tape, spray WD40, leave in hot sun for 10 minutes . It goes soft and can be pealed off.

mkonopko mlemi9 months ago

Wow... It worked. Thank you mlemi

Juklop8 years ago
Have you tried magic?
BurtD1 Juklop1 month ago

Yep, that works!

I foundscratchingwithmyfingernailtogetitstartedworkedreallywellthenonceihadalittleballofresidueicouldusethattoruboffmoreresidueandthebiggeritgottheeasiertoscrapeoffmoreresidueontoit

JM19992 years ago

blue tac should work!

mcgyver772 years ago
lacquer thinner
VIRON9 years ago
Can you get "Goo Gone"(tm) ?
Tomkatt (author)  VIRON9 years ago
If I wished to spend money I could, however I dont think you can get that over in these isles.
I tried nail polish remover on duck tape residue but it did not work. Then I tried break cleaner and the residue wiped clean! It was super easy!
"The Best Cleaner Ever" by ScraPerfect. This is 100% safe for people and the environment and it's a solvent. No fumes or smell, either and safe for hands, children and pets. It removes adhesive and ALSO cleans paint, ink --even Sharpie markers!

Here's a video showing a woman removing tape from her wood floors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vqI-3IhltEQ
Originz7 years ago
I have used eucalyptus oil to remove duct tape residue from a polyurethaned wood floor. the polyurethane surface was unaffected. For convenience, I used a spray can, Bosisto's Parrot Brand Australian Eucalyptus Oil. It is helpful to leave the oil on the residue for a few minutes to let it soften, then rub with a cloth (not a paper towel, they fall apart).
scubascooby8 years ago
If the glue is still a bit soft then put a blob of vegetable oil on it and place a small piece of tissue on top to stop it spreading too far. Leave it for an hour or so. The oil can soften the glue and reduce it's stickiness.
rlindsay048 years ago
Does anyone know how to remove imprints from hard plastic without damaging or smudging it.
gmoon9 years ago
WD-40 works well for removing adhesive, also. I've never tried with old, dried stuff, tho.
zieak9 years ago
De-Solve-It works better on residues like this than Goo Gone does in my experience. Acetone may work for you also. since it is on electronics you won't be able to just apply it and let it soak in and then scrub it off 20 minutes later. You should wet a cotton rag with it and scrub.
VIRON zieak9 years ago
Acetone eats plastic really really fast and poops out nasty gooeyness. Naptha is slower at eating plastic but it's basically very similar to gasoline, petrol, octane, whateveryacallit that most cars run on. I'd try the alcohol or cooking oil first.
Tomkatt (author)  VIRON9 years ago
I DONT want to harm plastic, that needs to be intact
zieak Tomkatt9 years ago
Oops. My bad. I meant to say rubbing alcohol.
Big Kev's goo remover works pretty well if you're in Aussieland.
Brennn109 years ago
I heard Nail Polish Remover takes away tape residue pretty well.
lightpacker9 years ago
lighter fluid for zippos like zippo fluid ronsonol naptha whatever works really well just dont light it
LasVegas9 years ago
The best solvent I've used for any adhesive residue is Naphtha (Lighter Fluid). It works instantly 100% of the time.
westfw9 years ago
What does a surprisingly good job on some types of adhesive residue is oil (like cooking oil.) Of course, you then need to clean off the oil with (say) soapy water, so it may not be the best thing for electronics...
Have you tried rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover?