Removing duct tape residue

Does anybody know of an effective way to remove the residue left from gaffa tape that wont melt plastics or harm electrics? I recently got an old keyboard that covered with it. (there is a lot of the stuff)

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I read the comments in here before embarking upon my daughter-in-law's bunch of curtain rods that she wrapped with duct tape when moving, then stored them in a 100 degree + storage facility. The tape adhesive was welded to each rod. The only highly effective remedy was WD-40 and cheese cloth. I sprayed the cheese cloth with WD-40 and simply rubbed till every molecule of glue was gone. 1-10 on effort, about a 4. Easy. Posting this to help others!

mlemi6 years ago
Mayonnaise works great!! I have 3 boys that love to hog tie each other, mayonnaise is safe and effective on the skin.
BurtD1 mlemi1 year ago

stunned amazement! It works!

For the really hard stuff, dab with mayonnaise and scrape 4 times with finger nail. Repeat until it's gone..

For the old tape, spray WD40, leave in hot sun for 10 minutes . It goes soft and can be pealed off.

mkonopko mlemi2 years ago

Wow... It worked. Thank you mlemi

Juklop9 years ago
Have you tried magic?
BurtD1 Juklop1 year ago

Yep, that works!

I foundscratchingwithmyfingernailtogetitstartedworkedreallywellthenonceihadalittleballofresidueicouldusethattoruboffmoreresidueandthebiggeritgottheeasiertoscrapeoffmoreresidueontoit

JM19993 years ago

blue tac should work!

mcgyver773 years ago
lacquer thinner
VIRON10 years ago
Can you get "Goo Gone"(tm) ?
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