Removing hair dryer heating element

Request for help:  Does anyone know how to remove the heating element from a hair dryer to have it only blow cold/cool air?  I've opened it up and there are a lot more wires than I expected.  I have just enough electrical knowledge to be a little bit above dangerous, so I thought it would be best to ask for help.  Thanks!

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sk8er61 year ago

Thank you I needed a portable car blower for a project and the info was very useful... 12v is ok 20 would be better. Hate to hi jack, but any ideas anyone?

Blower for these big air matress things...
They are available for mains power, car 12V or even as cobined units that work on all.

thanks! i ended up running the blower fan directly of my ryobi drill. One battery lasts about 3 melts.

3 melts


I guess his project was a bit different to the original...

portable aluminum foundry! Sorry. Haha


I have one too and found the perfect blower: Cpap machine ;)
You know these breathing machines that people use when sleeping - sometimes you get them dirt cheap, usually when the owner died....
Airflow can be regulated with a push of a button and stores the last setting, what more can you ask for....

good tip. I'll be on the look out. ?

nmpudhyog1 year ago

Yes i agree you. it release very hot air which is harmful for hair...........But i have no idea about that

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