Removing rust from a motorbike's fuel tank?

My dad has got a yamaha xs650 but the fuel tanks got rust in it. What solvents can I put in to remove the rust without removing the tank or messing up the fuel? The pics are of 1)in the tank 2)The motorbike 3)a blurry pic of inside the tank

Picture of Removing rust from a motorbike's fuel tank?
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KentsOkay8 years ago
That's an awesome bike!
thermoelectric (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Yeah, It is. It's my dad's bike and he just got an old H1 Kawasaki that he's bringing back to life.
LuciKnows8 years ago
The rusted area is your pickle. Getting inside there is really the issue. Cause removing rust is pretty simple and there are soooo many great ways to do it.
Here is an article on how to remove rust. How to remove rust
thermoelectric (author)  LuciKnows8 years ago
Yeah, Thanks. That is a great article.....
Rishnai9 years ago
I'm going to be attacking a worse rust issue in a Kawasaki 700 tank sometime in the near future. 3 gallons of gas + humidity + 15 years of storage = HOLY CRAP, RUST! I'll try and post how it goes.
thermoelectric (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
You could use coca cola or molasses, if you feel like that, you can also put in the likes of ball bearings and basically shake it up using the abrasive actions to remove all the rust...
If coca cola cleans rust and drains imagine what it does to your stomach...
Not very much, teeth on the other hand have calcium compounds as a makeup, the acid is good at that.
Ooh yeah good point O_o I don't like coke, it just tastes funny...
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