Repeatedly logging me out

Every time I close my browser, I'm logged out of Instructables. Closing all Ibles tabs doesn't do it, but closing the whole browser does, very consistently. Does this on FF5, both XP and Win7, and I haven't changed any settings recently. The ad-filled, restricted, locked-down, freebie version of the site gets annoying when it pops up as my homepage, I think that's going to change...

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pedalmonkey4 years ago
Now it's not doing it anymore. But there's still been no explanation from the instructables gods.
And (in all likelihood) there never will be.
CameronSS (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
Party-pooper. Combine your and Kman's powers and you get a party-scooper.
An update is being pushed through at the moment. Maybe that fixed it?

(What's my celestial rank? Demi-god? Arch-angel? Janitor?)
CameronSS (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Upstart slapper?
pedalmonkey4 years ago
Me too. I'm a Mac.
It logs me out as well, but I'm using Chrome which remembers my password. I just have to click [login].
klincecum4 years ago
Still doing it in all browsers.
webman38024 years ago
Is anyone working on this? It's been going on for a few weeks now...
SeamusDubh4 years ago
This issue is starting to get worse.
Now I'm getting random user avatars (not mine) showing up at the top of the page showing I'm logged in.
And I'm getting logged in/out across tabs. ( I'll be logged in and open a few instructables in a few tabs and get logged in and out randomly across them.)
I have to re-login to these and refresh returning my avatar and instructable viewing to normal.
Till I navigate away and come back and or start a new "fresh" browser session.
Then it starts up all over again.
CameronSS (author)  SeamusDubh4 years ago
Avatars sounds like a separate bug. Check the current report list, and if it's not there, file one separately.
sml1564 years ago
It's been doing that to me to for the last month I use ie9
It's very aggrivating
CameronSS (author)  sml1564 years ago
"I use ie9 It's very aggrivating"

I can imagine that IE9 would be very aggravating, why don't you try upgrading to FF5? :P
Why because I don't listen to all the unfounded hype,lies,misinformation, about other browsers,

May I direct you to

where you may find some unbiased truth
Oh And maybee you would want to ugrade to FF6? :P
Have you heard of adblock plus and noscript? I haven't seen a single ad on ibles (or anywhere else for that matter), logged in or not and all the little nasties I had before noscript are gone. Perhaps ie9 does catch the most, but looking at the url and deciding the legit-ness of the potential source of nasties for myself reduces the need for FF to catch most of them. It also helps that I rarely go to those ridiculous sites that give you malware.

(and not using windows reeeeeeally helps)
CameronSS (author)  sml1564 years ago
Pro Internet tip, ":P" means "kidding."

And Firefox is easier to upgrade via the built-in updater rather than a fresh download via FTP. I can wait a couple days.
Vermin4 years ago
Yep the site no longer remembers my login details (not facebook), using FF6.0.

And when I do log in to view all steps on the one page it redirects to the pro sign-up page.

Perhaps this is not to be a bug but a sneaky advertising campaign. If so - it's a great way to alienate your users.

Are you using a regular login or a facebook login?
CameronSS (author)  StumpChunkman4 years ago
Same regular login I've been using for the last 4.5 years. I'm trying my darndest to pretend the Facebook login isn't really there.
Kiteman4 years ago
It's started logging me out occasionally I use this link:


It's happened three or four times in the last two days (most recently five minutes before this post).

FF4 & XP.
Sunbanks4 years ago
I noticed it does that to me in Opera too :(
R.A.T.M4 years ago
dose the same in google chrome
AndyGadget4 years ago
Likewise - Win7 FF5.0.
SeamusDubh4 years ago
I'm getting the same.
I'm using win7 ff5.01.
This issue popped up for me a bout a week ago.
I get keep having to relogin every time I depart and come back to Instructables within the same browser session and or fresh browser session.
webman38024 years ago
It does the same to me, IE9 on Win7. This seemed to start happening a few days ago. Maybe the cookies are set to expire immediately?
splazem4 years ago
It does the same thing for me (I'm on Safari on a mac). One thing that does work is if you press the sign up tab, then it says you already have an account (it shows yours) and then you will be logged in.
Strange, strange indeed.
I'm in Ubuntu on FF3 and its only done that rarely,and nothing recently. Maybe its you?
KentsOkay4 years ago
Does the same to me, even in Chrome.