Replacing alarm speaker with vibrating motor (for sleeping with earplugs)

I just started college and have found sleeping with earplugs to be indespensible in a dorm room. I have a radio alarm that is pretty loud. I was thinking of ripping out the speaker and attaching a vibrating motor to it. Then I would mount the vibrating motor to my bed post or something, and hopefully it would be annoying enough to wake me up. Does the alarm send enough power to the speaker to power an electric motor? Thanks! -Cedric

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Kiteman9 years ago
There should be plenty of juice to run a pager motor. Try it and see - if you can get at the back of the speaker without disconnecting it, clip on some leads to the speaker contacts, then to the motor. Make the alarm go off and see what happens. If it's slow, turn up the volume. If you're a deep sleeper, try putting the vibrating motor inside a flat rigid box (say, a DVD case) and running longer leads so you can slip it inside your pillow.
might want to add a rectifier/ diode(s)
True, but as a test to see if the radio can drive a motor, it should be fine.
motors need dc. You'll need the diodes. It'll just make noise
Like I said, just as a test it's fine.
just saying it won't turn
emuman4evr9 years ago
If it can't you could always wire it with a transistor and a separate power supply.