Replicas... what can I say?  Some people like them, some people hate them.  I'm starting to get sick of them, after I post my F2000, I'm going to take a break and make a war kit.  It will have:

Assault Rifle

For my sniper, it will definitely be a slingshot.  The shotgun will have multiple bullets per shot, and the assault rifle will have good range and a high ROF.  I'm not really sure if I should make the sidearm oodamo or not.  

Do you guys think I should follow through with this idea, or should I just make replicas?  If I do this, I will certainly go back to replicas after, but this will come first.  Tell me what you guys think I should do.

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PiTBuLL8927 years ago
same idea as logic boy.
he made the project firestorm thing..
check it out!
MotaBoi (author)  PiTBuLL8927 years ago
 Yeah I have :P  I built the shotgun, that gun is AMAZING!
TheChemiker7 years ago

If those guns you make are worth it, then sure. Go for it.  But only if they are quality guns.

MotaBoi (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
 They will be, i'm just sick of guns that shoot 20 feet, my F2000 will have an amazing range though, it has a double sided guide, a TR pullback, and it uses a hopper.  I'll have some pics up soon.
When will you post it? Every time i look at my new from members thing, I hope that your F2000 is there. Post soon!
MotaBoi (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
 I will, please look at the forum topic I posted about it :)
OH, alright!!!!!! 
oodalumps7 years ago
Something to keep in mind about performance-based guns is that their worth is not subjective. If your guns don't do something better than a TR, SRV2, or ZKAR, they're not going to be worth building. There aren't any good shotguns though, so you should try to build one of those.
So you are saying that if a gun does not beat the very best in its class, there is no point in posting it?
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