Report Bugs! Get Free Pro Memberships!

Sadly we at instructables aren't always perfect, and when we aren't this results in bugs on our site. These bugs annoy us more than anything, and we want to work diligently in squashing them as soon as we can. To encourage this, we are offering free pro-memberships to those who submit good bug reports that allow us to fix things.

How to Submit a Good Bug Report?
1. First off be descriptive, what did you do to get the bug? Can you reproduce it? What were you doing before the bug? Being very descriptive is key to allowing us to find the problem. Bugs that we can't consistently reproduce will take much longer to get fixed.
2. Include computer specs. What is your Operating System and Browser? what version is your browser?
3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Take screen shots of the issue, before and after if you can.

Exploiting the bug will disqualify you. We encourage white-hattery around here. Any knowledgeable exploitation will not be rewarded.

Good Luck, continue to post bugs to the forums and from this point forward we will be keeping our eyes peeled for good bug reports!

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frenzy (author) 5 years ago

Thanks for all the great bug reports, i've filed them and we will be working on fixes in the comming months. Please continue to submit bug reports in the forums so a staff member can get to them.

-Gregg Horton
QA engineer
bricabracwizard5 years ago
sunshiine5 years ago
The pictures in each step of my instructables do not appear in the box to be viewed larger even though I am logged in and I am a pro member. I noticed this was a problem viewing another members Instructables also.
This is also happening to me!
bricabracwizard5 years ago
The rating system sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Sometimes shows the stars when it's rated sometimes doesn't. I have tried this on various computers. My preferred browser is Google Chrome and usually on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. But I've heard about this problem from people who have used different systems to mine when they have tried to rate me.
Even on this page when I renewed it the stars that were up the top have now disappeared!
curious youth5 years ago
graphical search is only working when right click and open in a new tab.

refresh doesnt fix

im using windows xp professional with google chrome

also now and then the add comment button seems to be a link to the top of the page. refreshing the page seems to fix it though
canucksgirl5 years ago
Anyone monitoring this page?
canucksgirl5 years ago
Time to start a new thread...

Comments have stopped working. Reloading or refreshing the page has stopped working (used to fix the problem).

Can't get comment editor to load.

Using Safari on a Mac. Tried Firefox and have same result.

Prior to today there were no issues with comments.

Anyone else?
Seems to work now if the page is reloaded.
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