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Sadly we at instructables aren't always perfect, and when we aren't this results in bugs on our site. These bugs annoy us more than anything, and we want to work diligently in squashing them as soon as we can. To encourage this, we are offering free pro-memberships to those who submit good bug reports that allow us to fix things.

How to Submit a Good Bug Report?
1. First off be descriptive, what did you do to get the bug? Can you reproduce it? What were you doing before the bug? Being very descriptive is key to allowing us to find the problem. Bugs that we can't consistently reproduce will take much longer to get fixed.
2. Include computer specs. What is your Operating System and Browser? what version is your browser?
3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Take screen shots of the issue, before and after if you can.

Exploiting the bug will disqualify you. We encourage white-hattery around here. Any knowledgeable exploitation will not be rewarded.

Good Luck, continue to post bugs to the forums and from this point forward we will be keeping our eyes peeled for good bug reports!

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frenzy (author) 4 years ago

Thanks for all the great bug reports, i've filed them and we will be working on fixes in the comming months. Please continue to submit bug reports in the forums so a staff member can get to them.

-Gregg Horton
QA engineer
bricabracwizard4 years ago
sunshiine4 years ago
The pictures in each step of my instructables do not appear in the box to be viewed larger even though I am logged in and I am a pro member. I noticed this was a problem viewing another members Instructables also.
This is also happening to me!
bricabracwizard4 years ago
The rating system sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Sometimes shows the stars when it's rated sometimes doesn't. I have tried this on various computers. My preferred browser is Google Chrome and usually on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. But I've heard about this problem from people who have used different systems to mine when they have tried to rate me.
Even on this page when I renewed it the stars that were up the top have now disappeared!
curious youth4 years ago
graphical search is only working when right click and open in a new tab.

refresh doesnt fix

im using windows xp professional with google chrome

also now and then the add comment button seems to be a link to the top of the page. refreshing the page seems to fix it though
canucksgirl4 years ago
Anyone monitoring this page?
canucksgirl4 years ago
Time to start a new thread...

Comments have stopped working. Reloading or refreshing the page has stopped working (used to fix the problem).

Can't get comment editor to load.

Using Safari on a Mac. Tried Firefox and have same result.

Prior to today there were no issues with comments.

Anyone else?
Seems to work now if the page is reloaded.
Goodhart4 years ago
Earlier today I couldn't open a forum topic directly....couldn't even post it in the bug reports.....had to EMAIL it in *sigh*
canucksgirl Goodhart4 years ago
LOL... that's why I found this page yesterday and reported (after an email), because ya, there was a "bug" in the "bug page".... :D
Goodhart canucksgirl4 years ago
I couldn't open ANY forum directly....but I could from my message "shortcut" :-)
I was going to post the prob in questions but it cleared up before i did.
canucksgirl4 years ago
I tried to email you guys because the "Project of the Day" (Deer Fly Traps) image is not loading on the home page.

I figured no one got the email, so I tried going to the "BUGS" page, but its now not loading either.

I get a "Please excuse me, that was very impolite..." message and a lot of code...

kelseymh canucksgirl4 years ago
Looks like it got fixed some time between 5:33 and 6:50 pm (San Francisco time) today.
canucksgirl kelseymh4 years ago
I'm glad they figured out the issue, and thanks for letting me know. I was beginning to wonder because it started right after last nights update, and I noticed here and there a few temporary "hiccups"...

btw, San Francisco is Pacific Standard Time. I'm in Vancouver (Canada), just above San Fran. :D
kelseymh canucksgirl4 years ago
:-D You've seen how international the membership here is -- I've started using location-based time references rather than the proper names, because sometimes folks don't know what "Pacific time" necessarily means (let alone "Daylight Saving time" vs. "Summer time").

I spent a year and a half as a post-doc at UBC (we lived in a basement suite in Jericho, just a block from the water!). I was more partial to the Canadians, and that cozy ballpark at QE Park -- $6 seats three rows back behind first base! :-).
canucksgirl kelseymh4 years ago
Very true. I didn't mean to sound anything like those "busy bodies" that have nothing better to do than "point out things" to people. :)

That must have been an awesome time for you. That is a great area of Vancouver and you can't go wrong with the ballpark for entertainment. I'm partial for the Canucks, as most people here are, but for $6 you can't even get parking at the Arena.

I actually live in the suburbs, but most people outside of the area wouldn't know the difference anyways. lol

So just out of curiosity where do you reside now?
kelseymh canucksgirl4 years ago
Which suburb? Most of Van seemed like a suburb to me (except for downtown), kind of the way L.A. does. Unlike here, though, the people were much more openly friendly :-)

I'm currently in Northern California, near Sacramento.
canucksgirl kelseymh4 years ago
Oh, I love that part of California. :D

Out here, we call the entire area the Greater Vancouver Regional District or GVRD. It consists of Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, Coquitlam, POCO, Langley and White Rock. After that all the cities are considered the Fraser Valley.

It's basically one big city with unassuming roadways that mark the boundaries between each city. So for the most part we call everything outside of the Vancouver City borders as the "suburbs".
kelseymh canucksgirl4 years ago
I've been to pretty much all of those places except "POCO"(?) ... Oh, thank you Wikipedia! We've been to Port Coquitlam as well. I was curious because I learned several great "Surrey jokes", but didn't want to offend ;->

Have you ever been to Los Angeles and driven around? The only way to tell when you go from one city to the next is that the street signs change color, and sometimes the addresses start counting over from "1".
canucksgirl kelseymh4 years ago
LOL... Sorry got lazy and wrote POCO... good thing there's Wiki. :D - I'm not originally from the Lower Mainland (aka GVRD), so ya, I've heard ALL the Surrey jokes... thankfully the new mayor has been cleaning up the city and since housing prices went up there are much less "riff raffs" around.

I've only made it as far as the Bay Area, but I get what you mean about the boundaries. You wouldn't know you changed areas unless you look at the signs.

We've been growing up so much here that I imagine the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley will soon do the "merge". They are already so close that with only a little development, there'll be no way to tell the difference from one region to the other.
I hope the irony isn't lost regarding the fact I'm reporting a "bug" on the "bug" page. :D
Oh, I forgot. Here are the screenshots in case you needed them.
Dear me I'm having the same issue.
Ya, it seems to be a bigger issue. I got an email back and they are working on it.
sunshiine4 years ago
Reporting a reply to comment bug:
I hit the reply button on 2 of my comments and do not get a reply box to input text. I don't get please refresh your page or any message from the program. It simply does nothing as if the page froze up. However the page is fine. I went to a different Instructable on my page and I could not reply to any of the comments either. I hope I explained this well enough. Thanks for reading!
I've had the same issue on and off all day. I hope they were aware of it?

What I had to do each time was reload the page, then the comment box would work. There's been a few "growing pains" on the site since it went down for an update last night. (I'm assuming that's what they did. The site said they were "moving furniture"). LOL
Goodhart canucksgirl4 years ago
I see that sometimes and a page refresh/reload sometimes helps
sunshiine4 years ago
OK guys this is weird:
I came back here to report that I commented on 2 members Instructables and the comment went through fine. So I came to this page to comment under my bug report about the comment button and tried to reply and the comment box would not load. I then tried to make a new comment and could not get a box. So I logged out and tried again and this box showed up. Let see if it will work.
boomfiziks4 years ago
I've been trying to upload my video instructable all day today, but keep running into the same problem. As you've requested, I've made some screenshots and attached them into a word document.

I've been using Windows XP while using Chrome, IE ver.8, and Firefox. I've also tried using our Mac that runs iOS X while using Safari and Firefox.

Typically, it keeps asking me to refesh the page, but if it doesn't, then the "updating" bar remains and I've allowed it to run for several hours, but never progressed from there.

I would really like to get my video posted for one of the competitions and I'm running out of time. I've put a lot of hard work (as I'm sure many others have also) into preparing their instructables.

Can someone please help or have some other means to post our video instructables.

Got a new error message when it was trying to update. I still haven't had any luck with the "edit". It still runs continuously or states that to refresh the screen.

I'm using a different Dell computer which has Windows XP and have tried using IE 8 and Chrome. This computer is linked to the Internet with a T1/fiber optic line.
updating error.jpg
After many failed attempts, I think I finally have my instructable submitted. A problem I now have is that it shows I have 2 submitted instructables, but only one of them works. Is there a way to delete the non-functioning one? When I try to click on the "edit", it shows the "updating" with the scrolling bar, but it never goes beyond that point.
sherrycayheyhey4 years ago
If you have a list of bugs to work on this should probably go at the very very bottom of that list but there seems to be an issue with the dollar sign $ when using the search bar. When I search for my most recent project, $tars, a few of the results show up as 'tars' but when I click the link the correct '$tars' title shows up on the actual project steps pages.

I'm guess it has something to do with being a special character. I'm not sure if the $ is dropped off when used in the middle or at the end of the word and this may be something to check out. Also I'm using Mac OS X, Version 10.7.2 and Safari 5.1.2.

Attached are two screen shots that show 'tars' and the correct '$tars' page that it leads to.
Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 10.03.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2012-01-09 at 10.06.49 AM.png
Invention Co.4 years ago
Lately I have been on the move so I try to go on instructables on my iPod every time I get wifi, such as if I stop at Dunkin Donuts. But when I try to login, the box just keeps jumping around the screen and it's hard I see what your typing in and it's hard to even login. I have the latest os and updated the iPod barely a month ago. And I'm using safari... But I don't think that helps much. Sorry ill add pictures when I get home, I'm currently on my Ipad. Also as a good ad on you guys should make a add pictures button for mobile devices. That would help allot I would suggest.
I have noticed this same thing with my iPod.
Doesn't it bug you?
Yes. I am constantly on the move, as a student of theatre sound. I will try and post some screenshots soon.
ebayboy984 years ago
Your mobile site does not function correctly. I have an Ipod touch 4th genoration and running safari. it has no problems and running IOS 5.01 when I search something it just brings up descusion forms. Also when I finally get the search to work then the pics dont come up. When i log in as my acount as soon as i search something it logs me off my account. It happens every time i search the instructables mobile website i always have to switch to full site. I have talked to my cousin and it does the same thing for him (but sadley he is not a member) To me all of this are bugs!
bfk4 years ago
This may be an issue at my end, but as of late, whenever I make an edit to one of my instructables, the "Intro" text field goes blank. I've gotten into the habit of copying and pasting my intro text to get around this, but it is frustrating.

If it's me, please let me know. Thanks.
Irock1484 years ago
the problem i always get is when i go to the 7th or 8th page of a search, go to an instructable , but when i go back to search it brings back the first page of results instead of the 7th or8th. i am not aware if this is a bug or not. please tell me if u fix the problem
FrozenIce4 years ago
u guys posted domething on ur facebook page, about uploadinf a photo of a 5 sided paper star and ofering 3 months pro membership for it, and i did as asked and got nothing : \ i was quite dissapointed by this false offer.
Do you have a link to the original offer on facebook to see what that was? And a link to where you posted your pic? I don't do facebook so I would be interested in what those rogue marketeers are up to.
apperently, they wanted us to upload it on to the instructables fb page, not just upload it anywere... woops..
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
when i am posting comments the sometimes dissapear without being deleted as if they were never there...
zjschafer4 years ago
Im trying to make a video instructable, but everytime I go back to edit the unpublished video, the updating files pops up then an error message appears and I have to refresh the page. REPEATS.. over and over again. By the way it doesn't recognize my instructable as unpublished- like a ghost file or something and next to the word unpublished, it has the number (0) when ever I obviously have (1) instructable in it.

I also would like to say that you cant start a new instructable after this glitch occurs, and you cant delete the unpublished video instructable yourself. You have to ask a manager at instructables.com to delete it for you. THIS IS A HUGE BUG, the creator of their own instructables should be able to manage themselves.

I would like this to get fixed as soon as possible please. Thankyou!
zjschafer zjschafer4 years ago
Heres a screenshot of it. I circled the updating and error messages.
That happened to me as well!
it is quite the pain!
zjschafer zjschafer4 years ago
Im running on Internet explorer 8
zjschafer zjschafer4 years ago
Just tried google chrome, still... no luck the same problem occurs
GhettoEngineer4 years ago
Bug? The new Instructables shop page does not have a link back to the home page. Not sure if this counts as a bug or a suggestion, but there you go.


Not caused by OS/Browser, but Win 7 64bit, Google Chrome.
Sovereignty4 years ago
I don't even bother with the Q&A any longer, seeing as none of mine ever show. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my browser or hardware but I'm typically on Firefox, on Linux Mint. And I'm not talkin' they show up and disappear, they never even see the light of day. I really liked the concept as opposed to forums.
Cronos Dage4 years ago
There is also a typo on the Shopbot Challenge Contest page. Here's the pic, if it is not seen then go to http://cl.ly/D2RJ As you can see it says I nstructables in the Submit paragraph. There is a space after the I in Instructables.
Cronos Dage4 years ago
I posted a long comment before, but the browser didn't remember what I said...and it also copied something else! So I'll just post the Layman's terms.

At http://www.instructables.com/account/gopronow?type=TYPE5&sourcea=footer clicking on a Free Account button when already registered redirects you from http://www.instructables.com/account/register?redirectToNxtPg=true to the submit page, http://www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp. It should just be detected that you are already registered with a Free account and it should either:
a) not appear
b) bring you to a page that says "You already have a free account!" and possibly, after, "Would you like to upgrade to a Pro Account?", etcetera.
I will also guess that if you were a Pro member, the button would still be there. It should not be there or, instead of the Paypal link it brings me to, if I was a Pro member it should bring me to a page that says "You are already a Pro member! Would you like to (cancel) or (renew) your membership?"

Hope this helps the site to be more user-friendly. I hope it helps despite me losing all my extra details!
jonnyd554 years ago
Im not sure if this is a bug or my impatience but when i post a comment on an ible, i can only see it on their page if im logged in? Perhaps it could just take time to go through your servers?
wingtipsmith4 years ago
When I type in my user name, I can press enter and it will log me in without me typing in my password. That is a pretty terrible bug!
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
ok the glitch about the dissapearing posts happened on my other one about this.
silvermonk254 years ago
First off, I was using my iPad when plugged into my MacBook pro, an when I tried to type in my username, the login screen moved up and down while I was typing, and, it made it impossible to click on the password bar, also, . Some of the things I typed did not show up, this was also when iPad was plugged into the macbookpro, and it was still going up and down as I typed, my mom was trying to fix the iPhoto app on the MacBook pro as all this was happening, I was able to replicate this many, many, times!!!!'!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when unplugged It seemed to work again we have verizon Internet, my email is t3sla2@yahoo.com , my free trial account name is silvermonk25, (ps., last night I posted my first instructable and it was slot of fun!!!!!!!!!!)

Kiteman silvermonk254 years ago
I notice this on my iPod as well (running Safari on iOS 5). I had to bookmark the account login page to get around it.
silvermonk254 years ago
When I first tried to type in this box, I started typing and it did not show up! Also, when I tried to atatch a photo to a comment, it did not show up, it happened all5 times I tried!!!!!!! My username of my trial account is silvermonk25
susanrm4 years ago
You have your prize pictures messed up on the Coffee Challenge.
snotty4 years ago
When I try to add a new image comment when editing an instructable, the comment rectangle only appears as a square on the top left instead of where I clicked. I think this started a month or so ago.

Also the comment square is not yellow but rather a grey dotted line.

I'm using mac os 10.6.8
Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 9.10.54 PM.png
ElvenChild4 years ago
When ever I login whilst viewing one of my Instructable's I get the following message:

sorry we can't find....png
Same here. And it brings that message up even if I get my password wrong, but I can still go to my page.
i was getting the exact same last night using google canary when i changed to chrome latest build 16.0.912.63 m it somewhat stopped,but the pages seems to reload every time, i would click on a instructable and it would load, and about 30 seconds later there would be a another reload of the page, annoying. , we will see what today brings . i was just checking the version of canary and it is updating now. canary is now 18.0.993.0 canary win 7- 64bit
see what happans now
I had this too but I did not take photos or think too much of it. I refreshed my window and I was logged in
yokozuna ElvenChild4 years ago
A bit scarier, I can enter the incorrect password and still get logged in on computers which i've already logged in on. I believe I've seen this on both OSX 10.5 and Vista.
~Z~ yokozuna4 years ago
Same Here, but for a small amount of time(like a day or so i think)
yokozuna yokozuna4 years ago
While not addressed here, this no longer seems to be the case, at least on Vista.
syedumar24 years ago
I have been trying to sign up for a member ship using my Facebook Id. But every time i click on Log in with Fb.. The page restarts n nothin happens.. this is the same prob even for the comments Fb button. Had to fill a sign up form To get access to comments.
comments keep appearing and disappearing on my instructables. at one time I saw my instructable had 2 comments ant the next day both of them disappeared, but it still said it had 2 comments.
Josehf Murchison4 years ago
I have a problem with two instructables in my, “Your working on 2 Instructables”.
There called “Jacobs ladders”, These messed up when I made them.

I want to delete them but they will not load so I can delete them.

When I click on edit a page comes up saying “Updating”.

Then this came up.
There's been a problem updating your Instructable. Please refresh this page.

When I go to refresh the page it goes back to the updating page and updates forever never fixing the problum.

Picture or Video 001.jpgPicture or Video 002.jpgPicture or Video 005.jpgPicture or Video 003.jpg
Invention Co.4 years ago
I am having a problem with my published article... Nothing major. I publish it early day yesterday and even after the update the instructable is still not up. I recognize that they are not put up right away, i was just curious.
Barramundi4 years ago
When downloading certain file types from Instructables such as PCB files,
they are downloaded as .tmp files.

I had a hard time figuring out the problem, and after a bit of experimentation found that changing the file extension solved the problem.

its probably a minor issue but could save many instructables user a bit of headache if it had the correct extension.

instructables bug 2.pnginstructables bug.png
highvoltageguy4 years ago
Hey i just realised it is also on jimmy proton's account page account look:

i'm running on ubuntu 11.10 with AMD Athlon XP and a packard bell PC
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
sometimes my comments wont post /show and it doesnt shhow the ddeleted message
i received an email today stating that there was a potential security breach to my account with the bank of sweden, even though i dont have a bank of sweden account, the reason i am reporting this here is because it was addressed to "madmans firework emporium" this is the only site that i use that alias on, causing me to suspect a problem here
GMa4 years ago
I tried to get the PDF version of "Build and fly a paramotor safely" several times and I got a 1kb pdf file. I tried from 2 different computers. Any other instructable I picked up worked properly. (Login was right, I refreshed the page, used either Firefox or Explorer but nothing.)

Here is the link

I'm not sure if this counts but when I try to make or edit an instructable on my HTC smart phone, the loading bar freezes and thats as far as it gets. I've tried multiple times and made sure that my acount was in order but its only via mobile. I haven't had this problem on any other web site so I'm inclined to think its a glitch here. No screen shot available, sorry.
Invention Co.4 years ago
nothing really intense, but the send me the password email thingamajig button never works for me. Im on saffari.
Xuthal4 years ago
I don't know if it's been mentioned here but when I'm not logged in I click on the "view all steps on one page" button. The page refreshes but stays the same unless I'm logged in. A pop up box telling me to log in to view the instructable in this way, like it used to before the site was re-worked would be better than the false hope. It would encourage new browsers to join the site as well, that's what encouraged me to become a member in the past.
Xuthal Xuthal4 years ago
Oh yea, running xp sp3 and firefox's latest browser. Sorry, no screen shots.
Hammock Boy4 years ago
It is funny the things you notice when someone asks you to look for them. I noticed these two when I used Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.13 on a Dell Latitude with Windows 7.  Whenever "Contests" is clicked on the different Contest options do not line up with their appropriate boxes.

The other thing I noticed was that when I read the rules for Contests some of them have "A" and boxes repeated over and over such as on the "Make It Glow" challenge http://www.instructables.com/contest/glow/?show=RULES

I know that, that is a screen shot from an IPod Touch but it does the same thing on my computer.
A little ironic I think. I noticed this just after I posted. The link to the "Report Bugs" Contest is obscured by the project of the day on the front page.
whereiroamishome4 years ago
not a bug...but your instructions above doesn't say WHERE to submit.

Here is my bug...

1. I created two instructables- A photo version and step-by-step version. When I attempted to delete the photo version an "ERROR" message flashed. Then it refreshed the page and had a button saying "Are you sure you want to delete.." I created a second photo version and attempted to delete again. The same second long "ERROR" message appeared followed by the "Are you sure..." button.
2. Macbook OS Software10.5.8 Chrome
3. Sorry no photo available due to short message flashed. It is reproducible though.

Please let me know if I need to resubmit this somewhere else.
Take a screen recording and post it on YouTube; link back here. That should be a good substitute for a photo ;)
scientificshiv4 years ago
there is a bug......as far as i think :-

when u click login at the top right corner a pop-up window is displayed where you are required to enter the login details.

if you don't enter anything, and click login, then also you get logged in w.r.t. the facebook account opened in any tab of the same browser.

This should not be so as not all of our email id's are on facebook. For a person having multiple id's for different purpose, it is a hassle when you are using facebook at the same time as instructables.com.

It is wastage of time to first logout and then login with you'r other id. Hope to see this resolved soon !
lespaulonfire4 years ago
not sure if this is the place for this.....

Picture number: 12 is not giving a close up on this link:


I'm using windows XP not sure about any other specs.

Thank you for your time.
ElvenChild4 years ago
Also (yet another) bug is that no matter he size of the picture you upload to the comments (at least for me on a MacBook 6,1 October 2009 model 2 gb ram 250 gb hdd running Safari 5.1.2 on 10.6.8) when you click on it it will be displayed as 500 something by 300 something instead of something even close to the original size (in my case 1280x800). Here is a picture (I am showing a screenshot of me displaying a screenshot on Instructables, hmmm...weird...).
It displays at 550x313, even though the original image (the uploaded image) was in fact 1280x800 in size making it terribly difficult to read.
Ok now it is only doing it on this page... queer.
Lithium Rain4 years ago
Stay golden, ponyballs.
Kiteman Lithium Rain4 years ago
Lithium Rain Kiteman4 years ago
Hey I am all for locking the barn door after the horse is gone but if you have PTSD (Ponyballs Traumatic Stress Disorder) from having your account brutally pwn3d you may need to speak to a professional.
Ms. Lohan, any further outbursts like that and you will be held in contempt.

I believe the language should be "Any knowledgeable exploitation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."
kelseymh caitlinsdad4 years ago
Don't we already hold Ms. Lohan in contempt?
yokozuna kelseymh4 years ago
Touche', sir.
hahahaha...she is beyond contempt...theres really no definitive type hold you can put on her...considering she cant even stay in rehab.